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CW: The following work contains graphic descriptions of cannibalism and body horror.

Oh father, what a

Corrupted God you are.

Picked me up like a toy,

And concealed my screams.

Oh father, such a

Hungry God you are.

You stare at my body

With your cold and dead eyes.

Oh father, what an

Ugly titan you are.

With your dry white hair 

Your exposed ribcage.

Oh father, don’t you hear 

My skull crack?

Blood drips on 

Your neck like red wine.

Oh father, you are

A God fueled with rage.

You want to have me as a snack.

All because I wanted to take your throne.

Oh father, what

A mad God you are.

Swallowed my limbless corpse,

I joined with my siblings inside your abyss.

Kristen (she/her) is a staff writer for The Quindecim. She is a sophomore transfer student and a Professional and Creative Writing Major. Kristen is from Parkville, Maryland and a graduate of Parkville High School, after which she earned her Associates of Arts degree from the Community College of Baltimore County. She enjoys writing poetry and short fiction within the gothic and horror genres. Outside of writing, she likes listening to metal music, with some of her favorite bands being Gwar, Avatar, Rammstein, and Korn. Kristen's favorite activities include playing video games on her PC and Nintendo Switch, reading books, and hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. She has previously submitted poems to the Community College of Baltimore County's Fine Print literary magazine. She is known by peers as creative, hardworking, and smart.

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