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EAR BUDS: Nature Valley Granola Bar

By Tess Seibert ’25 and Aniya Carrington ’25

Hi, we’re Tess and Aniya. We don’t have a brand deal. We also are not a good source of daily fiber. However, we are a good source of tunes! This edition’s playlist takes us to the great outdoors: a mountainous hike, perhaps in your own backyard. Leafy greens overhead and wet soil that you can smell underfoot, critters abound: absolutely EVERYWHERE. Maybe… even singing along. You’re a Disney princess but you’re a fun outdoorsy dad but you’re a cool aunt. Also, you’re a ten-year-old little boy with a wooden sword and scraped-up knees. After an hour of walking the trail, you get a little peckish and reach for your handy dandy, timelessly reliable snack: Nature Valley Granola Bar! You take a chomp and crumbs fall from the corners of your mouth as colors swirl through your mind (like you’re Remy, you know, that guy rat). Here are some songs to accompany the brilliant landscape and colorful flavor of our satisfyingly crunchy treat!

  • Una Vida by Natalia Laforsade
  • I’ll Get Along Michael Kiwanuka
  • Holemabier by The Arcadian Wild
  • The Prince of the Hanging Gardens by Beatenburg 
  • All My Love by Noah Kahan
  • Grow by The Oh Hellos 
  • Ailsa by Heisk
  • Cliffs Dog by Rhiannon Giddens
  • New Constellations by Ryn Weaver 

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