Background: In January 2020, a virus known as covid-19 but more commonly referred to as the “Coronavirus” was identified in Wuhan, China. Highly infectious and with a roughly three percent mortality rate, the Coronavirus quickly spread outwards from China. By March 11th the World Health Organization declared the virus a “global pandemic.” On March 16th, following the guidance of the Maryland state government and the lead of private and public universities, both local and national, Goucher College closed its campus and switched to online classes for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.

Our Vision: In this unprecedented time, we at the Q wish to share the stories and perspectives of Goucher students, faculty, and staff on the impact of the Coronavirus and how (or if) they are adapting. We are accepting a broad range of submissions including but not limited to creative writings, scanned artwork and photography, in addition to so-called traditional writing pieces. As all pieces will be published online, there is no fixed deadline for submission. We at the Q wish everyone a safe and healthy rest of the semester!

Featured Image: A Quiet Van Meter Highway devoid of the usual student crowd. Image Courtesy of Jay Garaycochea via the GopherApp

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