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What Q staffers are doing to get through finals


We asked our staff to tell us how they are coping during such a busy time. Here’s what they had to say!

Amita: Cleaning my room to destress, watching some of my favorite Christmas movies (The Polar Express, Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, and Falling for Christmas), and drinking lots of iced chais from Alice’s to try and use all my dining dollars!

Reese: I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to plan out your day. Make sure to schedule in time to get meals, study for finals, and decompress – balance is key! Don’t be afraid to multitask – while you eat lunch, do that reading assignment. 

When I get stressed, I like to go on a walk. The neighborhood behind the college is super walkable, and has tons of festive decorations to boost my holiday cheer. Put in your headphones and listen to your favorite jams! The fresh air helps boost cognition and soothe the nervous system, so when you get back, you’ll be feeling both energized, and more in control. 

Alana: When I get stressed from doing my work, I have been watching my comfort show, Gilmore Girls. I usually do this after studying for a couple hours. I say give yourself study breaks and reward yourself after studying. 

Dom: I’ve been giving myself study breaks and downtime by watching Once Upon a Time and playing Webkinz for some heart-warming childhood nostalgia. I also drink a lot of the Rise London Fogs that they sell in the student market to try and use up all my dining dollars before the semester ends. For my style of learning and studying, I find taking breaks to be really important. 

An Eco-Concious Gift Wrapping Guide


As someone who loves giving gifts and takes gift wrapping way too seriously, it’s important that my presents look presentable and demonstrate what the recipient means to me. As someone who tries to be conscious of the environment and what goes into the landfill, it’s important that the gift wrap does not create unnecessary waste.

Here are a few tips and tricks to gifting festive looking gifts and cards that are less harmful to the environment and your wallet!

  1. Perhaps most obviously, wrap your gifts in old newspaper! Up-cycle your old copy of The Quindecim (after reading it, of course!) as wrapping or tissue paper, and decorate with a colorful ribbon or bow.
Image by Amita Chatterjee

2. Save gift tags and turn them into homemade cards for next year! All it takes is scissors, glue and paper to make a cute (and free) card.

Image by Amita Chatterjee

3. Double your gift by finding a scarf at the thrift store (there’s a lot you can get for under $1), and wrap your present in it! You can include a festive flare by adding a cinnamon stick, bit of pine or holly, or candy cane under the knot.

Image by Amita Chatterjee

4. If you opt for traditional styles of wrapping paper, avoid the shiny, metallic-looking ones. These contain plastic and are not recyclable or biodegradable. Instead, find a wrapping paper with festive designs or colors that only contains paper. Tie it up in a reusable fabric bow, or reuse a plastic gift bow from last year!

Image by Amita Chatterjee

5. Make the gift keep on giving by saving tissue paper, bags, and ribbons to use as gift wrap in the future! (Or for a DIY cat bed)

Image by Amita Chatterjee

Happy Holidays, Gophers!

Your 101 Guide to Surviving College Finals


Well Gophers, it’s officially that time. The final stretch of the semester has us all experiencing a mixture of relief and panic over the coming days. With finals exams and experiences fast approaching, here are 10 tips to get you to the end of the semester. 

1.  Don’t Burn The Midnight Oil

It’s essentially tradition for college students to pull all-nighters a few times over the semester, but let’s invite ourselves to embrace some modernity. Your studying will be just as productive, if not more, if you go to bed at a reasonable time and resume in the morning. Remember that the average young adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per every 24 hours (according to the CDC). Not only will you be less tired but your brain functions better when it’s well rested. 

2. Eat like it’s Thanksgiving again 

Just like neglecting your sleep, it’s easy to forget and skip meals this time in the academic year. Let’s all picture a nagging grandmother on our shoulders who is chastising us for not eating enough. Three meals a day and a few snacks will keep you and your study brain happy and healthy. Bring your laptop into Mary Fisher or Alice’s in the afternoon. Splurge on a croissant at a cafe to read and re-read (and re-re-read) your thesis. Throw some vegetables and fruit in there for some brain boosting power. 

3. Call someone special

Finals week is a time where added support is necessary, call your mom or facetime your dog. Meet up with your friends and bare through the Towson cold for some social enrichment. Talking to someone that isn’t your professor or project mate can and will make you de-stress. 

4. Take a hike 

Maybe not literally, for those of us who are not that athletically inclined, but go on a walk. Act like we’re at the height of the pandemic again and go on a Hot Girl Walk around campus – it’s not just limited to the girls. Campus is beautiful this time of year, and when we return it will be a lovely shade of Maryland gray, so take advantage while you can. 

5. Utilize office hours

Your professors are here for two reasons: a paycheck, and your education. Not only will going to office hours help answer all of your questions (yes, even the “stupid ones”) but it will help your overall relationship with them in the long run. They’re more likely to help you out if they like you. 

6. Hit the road, Jack.

Get out of your dorm! A change of scenery could be just what you need. Just when your eyes are starting to glaze over, hunker down in the common rooms with your friends, or sit in one of the many study spots in the Ath. 

7. Work smarter, not harder.

Time to break out your syllabus from the beginning of the semester. Comb through and calculate what you need to do to get the maximum grade, with minimum stress. Now is the time to pay less attention to things worth five percent of your overall grade and more attention to the things that will make or break you passing the class. Shifting your priorities may make your load lighter, and your studying easier. 

8. Treat yourself

Sit in the sun. Buy that item on a holiday sale. Use your good pens. Play The Sims instead of perusing JSTOR. Round up your dining dollars for a chocolate bar or try a green tea matcha from Alice’s. You deserve it. 

9. Dress for success

According to Business Insider, dressing for success actually works. At the minimum, make sure you’re not neglecting your basic hygiene just so you can read another chapter. Get up and get showered and brushed, then dress for acing your finals – whether that be wearing your favorite sweats or a full suit for presentations. 

10. Remember that grades don’t define who we are

Grades, just like the number in your bank account or your credit score do not define us as people. You are just as worthy and deserving of good things regardless of how your finals turn out. You’re going to do great, and if you don’t, celebrate yourself afterwards anyway.

Feature image courtesy of

The Spirits of The Home — Chapter 2


I fell asleep at some point in my research but there are still so many unanswered questions. I didn’t find a single answer last night and I’m back to step one. I sigh as I get up and go to make my breakfast. I grab my phone and check it for messages to find a good morning text from my significant other, bringing a smile to my face and making my mood a little bit better. 

I debated on what to eat for breakfast this morning, eventually deciding to make some toast and jelly.  Something simple and light since I’m not that hungry now. I put the bread in the toaster and as soon as I close it, I jump a little. To my surprise, the angsty teen is back. I took a moment to collect my breath as I walk back over and grabbed my toast. I put it on the plate and then grab a knife, open the jelly and spread it on my bread. She moves over to me. 

After I finish, I look at her and say, “Good morning, Mara.” 

“You mean a gloomy morning. Every morning is the same as the last one for me. There isn’t much change when you’re stuck here,” she says as she crosses her arms. 

Her pursed lips and wandering eyes lead me to believe she’s thinking about something. But I wonder if I should just let it go for now, ultimately deciding to not point that out as I speak. 

“I mean you can’t be mad when you won’t accept my help. Or when you won’t give me anything to work with.” 

I bit my toast and she says nothing. But the look on her face doesn’t change and she opens her mouth to speak, but changes her mind. There is complete silence in the house except my breath. It’s always been strange to me that even with someone else in the room I still feel lonely. It’s as if I am the one that doesn’t belong instead of the spirits. 

I am quickly snapped out of my thoughts as Mara has moved right in front of me. I look straight into her eyes as she pulls something out from behind her back. 

“What is this?” she says.

 I take it from her hands and I look at the object. There is some dirt on it, so I move over to the trash and swipe the dirt off of it. I look more closely at it, feel it and pay attention to its details. Once the dirt is gone, I am shocked to see that it is an old fashion journal. Not many are made anymore. I look at Mara, holding it up to her. 

“Mara where did you find this at?” I say. 

It was really weird to have found something like this, but this could be a sign to figuring out more to her story. I wait for an answer. She bites her lip – seeming to be debating on whether or not she should tell me. 

“Mara, you don’t remember much about your past. Maybe this might have answers to help you move on.” 

This comment creates a small flicker of hope in her eyes. But it’s gone as soon as it came. 

“I found it under the house when I was looking in the shelter that was built under here,” she says, “There were boxes beside them. It seemed out of place so I picked it up. I thought it might have been one of yours.” 

I nod my head and think about this new development. But as soon as I am about to ask another question, Mara disappears. I let out a small sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose. I don’t know anything about Mara, just some of the things she has told me which again, is not much help at all. I’m shocked Ethan hasn’t shown up. I look at the clock to see it’s noon already. 

After cleaning up my little mess I made as I went back to my room. I look at the journal as I open a random page. I read what is on the page as there is a name – Ya’mara. Could this have belonged to Mara when she was alive? 

It’s a simple entry talking about a day at school and how there was a boy she liked named Johanna. He seems like your average bad boy. I notice that the year for the entry is 2016, making it from about four years before we moved in. I pull out my laptop and type in the name. Information about a missing girl by that name comes up. 

The photo of my mom is still out, and I realize I forgot to put it away. I pick it up and put it back in its place. There is also a name of the high school that she attends. After finding the address, I clean up fast and head downstairs and grab my keys and making sure I have everything before I head out. I walk out to my car, unlock it, get in and start the car up. I take a deep breath. 

“Looks like we are going back to school,” I say to myself. 

I start my car and back out of the driveway and head to the high school. As I am not sure what to expect, but hope to get answers.

Feature image of old journal and map courtesy of

Van Meter Runway


Every time I walk down Van Meter highway, I see at least one person who is very well-dressed. So many people on our campus have such an artistic, deep, and personal sense of style, so I wanted to highlight some of the outfits I saw to understand more about everyone’s inspirations and feelings toward fashion. 

It’s getting colder and people have started to break out their coats and shift into cold-weather clothes. When I saw Bailey Devonish’s ‘25 snake print boots and fluffy coat, I was immediately drawn to the unique mix of textures. 

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Bailey: New York streetwear mostly. Also, a model I follow on Instagram; @aerincreer, Fran Fine from the sitcom The Nanny, and my mom! 

Do you have any recommendations regarding personal style? 

Bailey: Just being comfortable, not necessarily following trends or bandwagoning on trends. 

This colder weather has also brought along some very interesting layering and use of neutral tones, which I saw in Erica Manson’s ‘23 outfit. Their striped turtleneck under a brown button-down (which has beautiful embroidery not shown in the photo) was striking.  

What inspires you, and what inspired your outfit today? 

Erica: Usually Grandma-esque or like future 2000’s things inspire me, and I really like the color brown. I just want to wear what I want and try to curate a style that’s personal. That’s important to me because when I was younger, I couldn’t really style myself and I always felt I looked bad, so now I don’t feel that way. 

I also had the pleasure of interviewing a friend of mine who inspires me and the way I dress, Jackie Saboe ‘24. 

How would you describe your style in a sentence? 

Jackie: Things that comfort me. 

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Jackie: My sister.  

Do you have any recommendations for people who want to start cultivating their personal style? 

Jackie: Find what makes you comfortable and do that in weird ways. 

Bianca Rose Butterfly Clark-Lorich’s ‘26 outfit demonstrates a unique understanding of color. Their pink tights, teal top, and blue skirt, embellished with a belt and hair bow is a combination I would’ve never considered, but it just works.  

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Bianca: I think when I was younger, I used to try and emulate a lot of other people’s styles. But as I matured, I really grew into my own style. So, I think I would say that I’m my own inspiration. I try to express myself through my clothing. 

What are three words to describe your style? 

Bianca: Eclectic. Ethereal. Fae. 

You often put on very elaborate outfits, is there a process you go through or something you think about every time you get dressed? 

Bianca: I say this about everything in my life; I never do anything the same. So, I’ll make an outfit that I really love but I will never wear it another time because I won’t remember how to put it together, so every single time I dress it’s a new process. I let myself go on a little journey through my closet. 

Leila Mye ‘26 knows composition very well. Their combination of pants, brown leg warmers, and platform shoes create an eye-catching silhouette. I especially loved the attention to detail in this outfit, like a keychain attached to their belt with the letter L, probably for “Leila”.  

Do you have anything to say to your younger self regarding personal style 

Leila: I think I would tell little Leila to stop wearing f****** Towelling pants from Mini Boden just because you are insecure. Dress how you want to because it’s fun and exciting and nobody gives a f***. 

Is that also the advice you would give to other people wanting to dress? 

Leila: Yeah, you should do whatever you want. Because why do other people’s opinions matter? 

Do you see dressing as an art style? If so, how does your own art style influence the way that you dress? 

Leila: I have been sewing and doing costume design for all high school up until now. So going from making clothes to only being able to wear them has been very interesting, but less expressive. I’m trying to work on it. 

Someone who I often see on campus rocking an impressively specific and accessorized look is Liz Bernhardt ‘26. When you see their outfit, you say “Liz is so rock and roll”. When I saw their outfit, I was reminded of the saying that while some people say to take off one accessory before they leave the house, I recommend adding 5 more.  

It seems like this outfit has so much influence and is inspired by a lot of media and culture. Please tell me some of your influences. 

Liz: I’m really inspired by 70’s glam rock but also more edgy punk aspects. Lots of vintage fashion, which is something I really enjoy. 

Do you think the way that you dress affects the way that you feel, and how do you feel when you get dressed? 

Liz: I love getting dressed up, it’s my favorite part of the day. I love experimenting and picking out things and it just makes me feel good about myself when I walk out of the door.  

I understand that readers don’t often get homework at the end of an article, but I challenge you to wear something or dress in a way that is outside of your comfort zone every single day. It could be as simple as a belt or as big as a ball gown. Recently, I wore a skirt over my jeans which was out of my comfort zone, but it felt good to experiment and the truth is, nobody cares what you wear (except for me – if you want to be featured next time, contact me at

Images by Ben Lieblein

The 2022 College Student Gift Guide


It’s the 2022 Holiday Season! Here are 8 gifts under $50 for specific personality types.

For the reader: 

Book of The Month by Boxie – $49.99 (3 month subscription)

Book of The Month is the gift that keeps on giving (for three months, that is).

For the studier: 

The “Joy” Planner from Papier – $32

This adorable pocket sized planner will make it easy to plan assignments and study dates all in one place.Joy planners also have pages for mindful journaling for your spiritual friends. Pair this gift with high quality gel pens for a full gift under $50!

Image courtesy of

For the WFH crew:

Digital mug warmer from Amazon – $25

Take your pick from hundreds of mug warmers with varying color varieties and temperature controls to fit whatever needs. Perfect for those of us who hunker down at a desk for a few hours without moving. 

For the daily “hot girl walker”:

“Hazel” crossbody bag by ThreadWallet – $40

Throw in your airpods, sunscreen, cell phone, etc and you’re on your way. Wear as a backpack, crossbody or fanny pack. 

Image courtesy of

For the gamers:

Charging station – < $44

Charging docks for Playstation, Xbox, Switch, etc are a relatively inexpensive and convenient gift for gamers.  

For curly crowns:

Original Anti-Acne Silk Pillowcase by Comfy Bedsheets – $19

This gift isn’t specifically limited to people with curly hair, but silk pillowcases are a good gift for your curly friends. They work wonders at decreasing frizz and keeping your curl pattern tight. 

For your furry friend:

Custom pet portraits from Etsy – < $40

Simply send in a picture of a pet to your choice of artist on Etsy for a custom version of your furry friend in period clothing for a super cute crowd pleaser gift. 

For the cinephile: 

Cinephile: A card game – $20

This one’s a no brainer, fun for both you and your gift recipient.

Written by Nia Anthony ’24

Fashion Spotlight: Olivia & Shahadah


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: fall fashion season. With a chill in the air and the holidays around the corner, I sat down with two Goucher students Shahadah ‘24 and Olivia ‘24 to interview them about the state of fashion, the season, and Goucher’s fashion culture. 

Shahadah is an interdisciplinary arts major, we sit across from each other in Mary Fisher and she’s the most colorful person in the room, with her signature dyed hair and glitter eye shadow. Instagram: @shahadah.jpg

Olivia, a sociology major joins us later, with her trademark pearls and vintage jacket. I rope her into talking to me since her social media is full of outfit pictures. Instagram: @oliviaalexxander

Starting off easy; do you have a style inspiration? 

Shahadah: Not really, maybe Rihanna

Olivia: The people I’m around back home…New York…and my mom.

Is your mom the inspiration behind your pearls? You wear them alot. 

Olivia: In my family, everyone has a set of pearls, I used to wear pearls from Walmart and my mom was upset about it so she got me pearls. I broke them my first week here so she gave me her pair. In my family it’s a rite of passage..I’m probably gonna die with pearls on.

What about a favorite designer?

Shahadah: Oh,  Iris Van Hurpan. I think her clothes are cool, there’s also this young black designer who makes bags out of denim (she pulls out her phone) – Rovell Gaither on Instagram 

Olivia: I actually really do like Coach’s new stuff, they make wearable stuff every season, they align with trends but also not.

Do you have a decade that you take inspiration from? 

Olivia: Yes, it’s a cross between four depending on my mood…the 70’s and 80’s like Cher era, then the 90’s and early 2000’s. 

Shahadah: 70’s, flare pants, afro’s, etc. 

What do you think of the state of fashion right now?

Shahadah: Um, I do like it alot. I like the variety, no one person dresses exactly the same. But I also feel like there’s not a lot of individuality, there’s a lot of y2k and bling trending, we’re seeing things like tracksuits or collabs with Baby Phat which is great, but not original.

Olivia: I guess fashion is more flexible because we have so many decades to look through and then we have the current loungewear and people who are hypebeasts and artsy people and people who are very bougie in the way they dress, but then you still see people in like, sweatpants. 

What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe? 

Shahadah: My tiffany necklace

Olivia: My skates, my athletic wear, I was an athlete so a lot of my athletic wear is from lululemon. My vintage fur jacket is probably expensive because my mom got it in SoHo.

Tell me about your outfit in this photo

Shahadah: I thrifted my shirt and pants, shirt was five and jeans were seven. My shoes were $21 from Forever 21. 

Olivia: Pants are dickies, the shirt is probably fast fashion – my guess is Zaful. My jacket is my grandpa’s old Levi jacket. 

Do you factor in sustainability and affordability when shopping?

Olivia: Definitely, most of my closet is thrifted and if it’s not thrifted it’s really high quality that my mom got me. I actually don’t go shopping a lot, I just have a lot of basics and make it look like I have new clothes. 

Shahadah: Affordability is important because…I’m broke. With sustainability it’s hard to pick and choose, kinda finding a happy medium between the two. 

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe that are sentimental?

Shahadah: I have this really long black coat from my great grandmother. It’s been a year since her passing so it’s sentimental. She left her tissues and her breath mints in the pockets so it’s a nice reminder of her 

Olivia: Yeah, most of my jackets are very sentimental. One of them is my grandpa’s old Levi jacket (pictured below), the other is my faux fur jacket. I love it because my mom got it for me. My Yankees jacket, too, because I thrifted it but bargained it down. 

Harder question: Does going to a predominately white institutions affect how you dress?

Olivia: I think because I’m around white people more I care less about what I wear. My highschool was mainly black and hispanic, we were more aware, and it was a competition for who was the best dressed. I dress for myself now more than other people.

Shahadah: I definitely felt like it affected me when I cut all my hair off. I felt like I overcompensated for my short hair, I’m hyper aware of how I’m presenting because my peers are white. I felt like I had to have my makeup and hair on point because people love to stare.

Written by Nia Anthony ’24

Olivia (left) and Shahadah (right)

Mini Photo Collection by Mich Rouse


These are a mini collection of photos from adventures alone and with loved ones. Taken on my Fujifilm XT-200 with 15-45mm lens.

Between the Trees. July 2022

Behind the Fence. March 2022

Against the Glass. February 2022

The Spirits of The Home — Chapter 1


Hello there, my name is Yueri, and this is my story. I woke up from my slumber and saw that only an hour had passed. I turn over in my bed trying to fall back asleep, but my brain has decided it wants to stay awake. So, I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. 

I live in a house with my significant other. She had told me that she wouldn’t be home for the next few days– work had taken her away again this week. I sigh in frustration at my body for not wanting to fall asleep. I decide to get up and walk down to the kitchen. I pace down the steps and into the kitchen grab a glass of water. I hum to myself as I look around. The house is quiet, which is strange when my friends are active. 

Oh, I forgot to mention I see dead people since my house is tragically very haunted. One of the primary spirits is a 76-year-old man named Ethan. He passed away in an oil rig explosion about three years before we moved in. Ethan looks a little bit unusual, as he has the features of an eel and wears a jester costume. I know it’s strange, but he is a very calm spirit that just wants to talk to people. 

The most perplexing spirit is a teenage girl named Mara, who loves to torment me and my partner. She torments me by refusing to tell me about anything that happened to her when she was alive. I sigh as I walk through the house knowing I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I walk into my living room and turn on the television. After a little bit of watching someone sits on the couch and I look over and see Mara. 

“Hello Mara, how are you doing today?” I say as I smirk.  

“Well let’s see,” Mara pondered, “I’m still stuck in this sad state with you and Ethan.” 

“Well, I could help you, but you won’t tell me anything.” I say with a little bit of sass in my tone. 

Mara rolls her eyes at me as she crosses her arms, “I’m good, there is no way you can help me. People have tried and they all have failed.” 

“Why do you think that everyone is going to fail you? You don’t even want to give me a shot,” I said as I stood up in front of her and looked at her. 

“Why should when everyone else has failed.” She said as she stood up and disappeared. 

I huff as she gets on my nerves. Mara won’t let me help her despite my persistent efforts for the past two years. I walk back into the kitchen and put the glass in the sink. I stand at the sink as I feel someone beside me. I look over and a small smile appears on my face. 

“Hey Ethan, how are you doing today?” 

“I’m a good Yueri,” said Ethan, “How about yourself?” 

“I’ve had better days. I just want to help her. Why won’t she let me?” I say as there is a hint of sadness in my voice. 

“She was young when she passed. You have her name. Maybe it’s time for you to do your own digging into her past.” 

“I do that, and it just might make things worse.” 

“We are already gone– what more harm can you do to us?” 

I nod my head as I think about what Ethan is talking about. “Well, I guess you’re right. Thank you, Ethan.” I say as he nods his head and then he is gone again. 

I clean my dish as I head up to my room. I turn on my light and walk over to the dresser and open the drawer. As I grab an old photo and let out a sigh. 

“I guess we have work to do mom, time to see if we can help some more people.” I say as I smile and put the photo back. 

Grabbing my laptop and taking a deep breath. I whisper to myself, “Let’s get to work.”

A Personal Spin on Goucher Tours (Comic)


Comic by Dom McKinney ’23

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