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The following is a poem by Xyn Evans


Of course I do.

Everything looked so vibrant and exciting.

It was when we could play outside every day after school.

When we didn’t have a care in the world.

When we could play ball on the street out front 

with the other kids in the neighborhood.

When we could play pretend on playgrounds, 

or be mermaids in the swimming pool.

When we would play army 

and have Nerf gun wars around the house.

When going on errands was an adventure,

and we could goof around in stores while Mom shopped.

When foods were branded with splashes of colors.

When commercials were fun and exciting.

When we could play classic video games.

When we could go to the arcade

and spend all our allowance.

When Barbie movies were the best.

When homework was easy, 

but we felt grown up for doing it.

When we would ask our parents 

for impromptu playdates after school.

When we could go outside and make heinous potions.

When we got to play with those scooters in gym class

and someone inevitably got their fingers hit.

When we would go on long walks to the dog park,

or explore the area around Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

When we would make interpretive dances to 

show off to our parents.

When we would make shitty iMovies 

when we went to your house.

When we would see cousins all the time.

When we had free time to spend with family every day.

When we went on camping trips 

and Dad would always play John Denver.

When we would sit in the dog pool on hot summer days.

When we would listen to Owl City’s Fireflies 

and sing at the top of our lungs.

When we would come inside after playing 

and chug a nice cold glass of lemonade.


and rolling in the grass

and pillow forts 

and snowball fights.

Look at us now, we’ve forgotten what makes it worth it.


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