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The following is a poem by Xyn Evans Remember?  Of course I do. Everything looked so vibrant and exciting. It was when … Keep Reading

Pieces of Human Life

Content Warning: This fictional poem falls within the horror genre. It contains themes of gore, body horror and cannibalism. Please note that … Keep Reading

The Starry-Eyed Girl

I once knew a starry-eyed girl, She lived down the hall from me. When we walked home from school,  She would tell … Keep Reading


CW: The following work contains graphic descriptions of cannibalism and body horror. Oh father, what a Corrupted God you are. Picked me … Keep Reading


Chandelier shimmers around The ballroom, filled with masked souls Dancing with a light piano sound. A fellow with a foxy attire Presented … Keep Reading



People have ideas when looking out of windows.  Like writers and poets and Francis Scott Key.  Windows are a magic mirror. That’s … Keep Reading


Poetry as Community

It is not so frequent an event that speakers are introduced as having created oceans. Oceans with “clear and clean water,” into … Keep Reading

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