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The Starry-Eyed Girl


I once knew a starry-eyed girl,

She lived down the hall from me.

When we walked home from school, 

She would tell me the most fantastic stories

And on weekends we would become characters fighting to save the world. 

Leaning over the balcony, she boldly proclaimed:

“One day this rock will reach the other side of the world.”

We watched it tumble over the railing

traveling down…down…down…

When it hit the concrete below with a scattering of taps I laughed.

She watched it fondly.

“It may take a thousand years and it’ll be smaller and less craggly, 

but I believe this rock will travel around the world.”

I didn’t think much about it then,

But now I often wonder how far she’s gotten.

By Xyn Evans ’27

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