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Lightning McQueen’s Hype Playlist


Hi, we’re Tess and Aniya and we are not professional racers. We’re also not animated cars. Thought experiment: YOU. ARE. an animated car. And YOU are about to ZOOOOOOOM in a big race. Let’s say, for the sake of pretend, you’re racing for the Piston Cup. Sounds like you might need some songs to get your engine revving. Well. Have we got a little treat for you! Here are some top tire-spinning tracks, each one more beast than the last. Next time you’re on Van Meter (more like Speedo-Meter), pop in your earbuds and crank this list. We dare you not to say, “Ka-CHOW!” 

  • Formula 1 Theme by Brian Tyler
  • THREE HEADS* by Jean Dawson
  • Sabotage by Beastie Boys
  • XS by Rina Sawayama
  • XXX. FEAT. U2. by Kendrick Lamar
  • molars by AUDREY NUNA
  • I Disagree by Poppy
  • Walk This Way (feat. Aerosmith) by Run–D.M.C.
  • MAD by CHIKA
  • Bad Influence by hey, nothing

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