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A Low-Quality Ghost Poem


when you’re home alone, 

it may seem scary.

you might encounter things that seem impossible.


you know when you see a shadow in the corner of your eye? 

or you hear a bump in the other room. 

or you see a glass that you swear was in a different place the last time you checked. 


these things can easily be dismissed as hallucinations 

or tricks of the mind,

but they can also, just as easily, be something lurking in the corners of your house.


i’m here to tell you not to worry.

there very well may be something menacing with you,

but it’s more likely not.


that shadow in the corner? a specter keeping an eye out for danger.

that noise in the other room? merely a phantom bumping into a chair.

that glass that you swear moved? well, spirits can play too, right?


that ghost isn’t there to hurt you.

so, worry not…

but tread lightly.


By Xyn Evans

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