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The Poetry Corner Part Two

As a part of this semester’s theme of community, the Kratz Center for Creative Writing is sponsoring an event series called “Poetry … Keep Reading

The Equestrian Team: Something to Be Proud of

Goucher’s equestrian team is something to be proud of. The team is known for their skill and enthusiasm for the sport. There are even some places on campus where the horses venture with their riders, such as the jumps near a trail in the woods. Unlike most sports, the equestrian season is a nearly all… Keep Reading

How to Infuse Your Life with Creativity

Day after day, you perform your quotidian tasks mindlessly, without reason or inquiry. While you walk the same paths to get to that same place to see the same people to learn the same things, you continually daydream about more exciting times and places. As you daydream and contemplate the existential questions floating in your… Keep Reading

Hey, Let’s Cut A Critical Resource From Our Schools!

Currently, our country’s education system is under attack due to a troubling trend: the neglect of art programs in schools. Serious budget cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts are resulting in many public schools struggling to maintain their arts programs (Mahnken). This is causing many schools to lay off teachers and, in extreme… Keep Reading


A story straight out of our campus traditions, bathed in the grey glow of a dismal future, and all set up for one, single line. Enjoy it while you can, for the undead are hangery [sic] and your brains are looking mighty delicious today. When the outbreak happened, it wasn’t our fault that there wasn’t… Keep Reading

Argyle Tempeh

God damn hipster restaurants with their god damned hipster food and their cutesy names for their cutesy dishes. Poison! Societal Poison! That’s what this place is! God! Ten minutes sitting on repurposed barrels and not a waiter in sigh- Finally! a waiter. “Oh, welcome,” they say, as if I have a choice to be here.… Keep Reading

Famous Ojibway Songwriter Speaks to Goucher

On November 16th and 17th, Goucher welcomed world-renown indigenous songwriter, Jody Gaskin. Adam Geller, ’18, who is known for his flute playing and drum circles on campus, applied for a social justice grant a couple of weeks before the event. Having gotten to know Gaskin by traveling the Powwow trail selling tea, he knew that… Keep Reading

8 Career Tips to Maximize Your Winter Break from the CDO

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start when it comes to majors, internships, jobs, and this thing called a “career”? The CDO is here to help every step of the way. Check-out tips below for getting started and using winter break to your advantage-take one step at a time. No matter your year or major,… Keep Reading

Goucher Pets— Poe the Bunny

Owned by Paige Harris (’19), Poe the bunny is a popular rabbit on a variety of social media platforms, including Tumblr ( and Instagram (@poethebunny). His full name is Edgar Allan Poe Dameron, and though he is small in stature, he makes up for it in personality. At three years old, he is full of… Keep Reading

Public Safety Blotter (Nov. 4th -Nov. 17th)

The Quindecim is granted access to information about violations of the Goucher College Code of Conduct and Academic Honor code. The information is compiled by Andrew Wu, Goucher’s Associate Dean of Students for Student Development. This report is comprised of incidents that occur during the two weeks leading up to each issue of The Quindecim.… Keep Reading

Reviews of Helen Glazer’s Walking in Antarctica

What is the exhibit? Kyoko Kinoshita Goucher College is holding an exhibition entitled “Walking in Antarctica” by Helen Glazer in Rosenberg Gallery, from October 18th to December 18th. Helen Glazer makes photographs and photo-based sculptures based on complex natural forms, informed by an understanding of scientific concepts of growth and form in nature. This is… Keep Reading

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