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EAR BUDS: The Quindecim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Hi, we’re Tess and Aniya and we’re not undead. We are also not advocates for nonconsensual biting. However, we are ear buds! Yes, we know it’s technically November now. But the spooky vibes of Halloween are so special to us that we needed a little bit of a prolonged celebratory soundtrack. We decided to do something a little bit different this time and try to tell a spooky story with the drama of a thriller-romance-musical while still giving you some fun song recommendations for next October 31st. 

  1. Black Coffee by Sarah Vaughan – Our tale begins on a chilly, dark evening. We’re looking into a well furnished mansion at one of the main characters in our story, an elegant vampire as they are getting ready for another lonely night at home. We follow their routine, watching as they drink a glass of wine, take a long shower, and lay in bed in their silk robe all by themselves. Cut to the next scene.
  2. Kiss u right now by Duckwrth – The vampire is out at a club and catches sight of a beautiful human. They’re enthralled. But, unbeknownst to them, this noticing doesn’t just go one way…
  3. Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – The human has also spotted the vampire, and is more than extremely interested. The human is curious, and tries to talk to the vampire, but…
  4. Fast As You Can by Fiona Apple – The vampire explains how they cannot be trusted, that they’re a vampire who doesn’t know how to love a human and are only destined to cause pain.
  5. Dark Red by Steve Lacy – The love interest listens, understands, agrees, but still can’t help the way they’re excited by the prospect of something a little dangerous. 
  6. Deep End by Foushee – The vampire leads them to bed and, as predicted, finds themself unable to keep control, getting closer and closer to doing something unthinkable. As things reach a peak, the vampire goes too far and bites the human without asking at the end of the song. 
  7. Them Changes by Thundercat – The human is horrified at the vampire’s actions, having had their boundaries crossed and trust shattered, and now experiencing the changes that come with a vampire bite, they’re running
  8. Sweet Juice by Purple Kiss – The vampire runs after their lover, expressing not regret, but insistence that what happened was not that bad (GASLIGHTING) and that it is sexy to be a vampire, completely missing the human’s feelings of betrayal. 
  9. Backstage Romance by the Original Broadway Cast of Moulin Rouge – Thus begins a show-stopping montage where the two characters entangle themselves in a toxic struggle of power dynamics, complete with stunning feats of set and costume changes. This is the act 1 finale, and it ends with the human, after long drawn out weeks of being taken advantage of, finally storming out on the vampire. 
  10. Black Mascara. by RAYE – This track chronicles the human’s coping journey, from confiding in family to clubbing with the girls. They do everything they can to keep themselves from going back to the toxic love of the vampire, and eventually, with help and time, the hurt fades and they regain their own power.  
  11. Thinking Bout You by Ariana Grande – The vampire is in their feelings; regretful and lovesick, they think about where they went wrong and how good the human made them feel when the vampire was not completely in control. 
  12. Get Him Back! by Olivia Rodrigo – In contrast, the human is experiencing the fresh anger that comes after being hurt and finally regaining your footing. They are thinking about all the ways the vampire hurt them and plotting ways they can possibly exact revenge the entire way down to their own front door, and just as they open it to carpe-the-mother-fucking-diem, they find the vampire standing on their stoop with their fist raised to knock on the door. 
  13. Fixerupper by Tayla Parx – The vampire is clearly disheveled, nothing at all like their oh-so-carefully-put-together-self when this whole journey began, and when they speak it’s shaky and on the verge of tears. They begin by apologizing to the human for hurting them, then open up about their past trauma of being bit. They swear to be better. The human, against all odds, listens, and promises to think on it. 
  14. Do not touch by MISAMO – The human makes their decision. They go to the vampire days later and say “I’m willing to try again, but only on the condition that you listen when I express discomfort,” finally leveling out the power difference between the two. The vampire agrees, and, for a change, waits for the human to make the first move, which the human does. Gleefully. 🙂 

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