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Goucher Learns the Science of Self Love with Heidi Green


On April 18 Goucher College welcomed Dr. Heidi Green to present her lecture about self-esteem and self-love: The Goucher Advocates for Emotional Wellness Presents Dr. Green’s The Science of Self-Love. It discusses topics of childhood confidence and how childhood experience impacts self-image over time as the mind and body develop over time. 

The lecture focused on the development of self-image issues that are caused by trauma in early childhood. No matter the circumstances of someone’s trauma, Dr. Green specified that trauma is still trauma, and it creates a major impact on the brain and how one views themselves. 

Dr. Green’s lecture was open to the public, so you didn’t have to be a student or Goucher community member to be a part of the lecture. The event allowed people to understand the psychological science behind self-esteem, while also being given a chance to ask questions during the Q&A. 

Dr. Green shared her knowledge and wisdom about childhood development, trauma, and the inner conflict of self-confidence. Not only is she a professional psychologist, but she is also a yoga instructor and the author of “The Path to Self-Love and World Domination.” 

She presented her lecture with open arms as she thanked everyone for coming and discussing the importance of recognizing the role self-esteem plays as a factor of human development and mental health. She taught her audiences about the importance of confidence by giving them scientific and motivational facts about the mental effect of trauma and self-esteem issues. 

One of the most impactful teachings from her presentation was when Dr. Green gave her audience a practice where she allowed them to take deep breaths and tell them to think of their greatest achievements and tell themselves that they are kind, smart, funny, and caring to block out all their negative thoughts. Another impactful lesson from Dr. Green is that self-criticism can be a good thing if it doesn’t affect how one views themselves and lets them become their worst bully.Dr. Green’s presentation, The Science of Self-Love, truly made students and guests think hard about how and why they criticize themselves too harshly. Dr. Green brings out the realization that loving and forgiving yourself is the secret key to self-discovery and success. Improving your esteem and learning how to love your body is important because it allows your mental health to improve when you are able to see the best in yourself as you accomplish more things in life. Dr. Green proves from her lecture to her book that the human mind is a complex thing and should be nurtured as we grow.

Kristen (she/her) is a staff writer for The Quindecim. She is a sophomore transfer student and a Professional and Creative Writing Major. Kristen is from Parkville, Maryland and a graduate of Parkville High School, after which she earned her Associates of Arts degree from the Community College of Baltimore County. She enjoys writing poetry and short fiction within the gothic and horror genres. Outside of writing, she likes listening to metal music, with some of her favorite bands being Gwar, Avatar, Rammstein, and Korn. Kristen's favorite activities include playing video games on her PC and Nintendo Switch, reading books, and hanging out with friends and her boyfriend. She has previously submitted poems to the Community College of Baltimore County's Fine Print literary magazine. She is known by peers as creative, hardworking, and smart.

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