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In Memoriam: Professor Emerita Marianne Githens


In late February, Goucher received the sad news that Professor Emerita Marianne Githens had passed away. She was 83 years old.
Professor Githens was born in New York City and raised in Long Island. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Marymount Manhattan College before travelling to England to study further. In 1960, she obtained her doctorate from the London School of Economics. While there, she studied European political organizations and French political beliefs.
Professor Githens taught full time at Goucher from 1965 until her retirement in 2014, where she then continued to teach courses part time until 2016. During her tenure, Professor Githen’s advocated for inclusion, diversity, and equity. She supported women’s rights and rights for urban neighborhoods in Baltimore. She is recognized by many as a pioneer scholar in the field of women in politics and was the co-founder of the Women’s Studies Program at Goucher. She also served as the chair of the political science program.
In 1993, Professor Githens was appointed by the European Commission’s Commission of European Communities for Program Development to write a report on women in Europe.
In 2000, Professor Githens was named as Goucher College’s Elizabeth Conolly Todd Distinguished Professor. She won a myriad of awards from Goucher, including the Outstanding Teaching Award, Caroline Doebler Bruckerl Faculty Award, and a Human Rights Scholar Award. She also received a Distinguished Alumna Award from Marymount Manhattan College. After her retirement, she was honored with the title of Professor Emerita for her contributions to academia. Professor Githens helped shape the community that Goucher is today and dedicated her life to ensuring that those without a voice could be heard.

Featured Image: Marianne Githens. Credit: Baltimore Sun



The Quindecim is granted access to information about violations of the Goucher College Code of Conduct and Academic Honor code. The information is compiled by Andrew Wu, Goucher’s Associate Dean of Students for Student Development. This report is comprised of incidents that occur during the two weeks leading up to each issue of

The Quindecim. 

Public Safety Incident Reports
March 23rd, 2018 – April 17th, 2018

• Two students found in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in Wagner
• Marijuana and paraphernalia discovered in residence in P-Selz
• Large party broken up in Robinson, several underage students present with alcohol available
• Marijuana and paraphernalia discovered in residence in Jeffery
• Marijuana and paraphernalia discovered in residence in Jeffery

Fire Safety
• Fire alarm pulled in Jeffery
• Accidental fire alarms in Robinson x2, Hooper
• Student found burning incense in Dulaney
• Smoke detector found to be tampered with in residence in Bacon
Harassment/Disorderly Conduct
• Two students reported harassment in Hoffberger classroom
• Visitor arrested for trespassing and theft following incident in Hillel
• Student reported harassment via text
• Student reported violation of no-contact order in SRC
Injury /Medical Emergency
• four students transported to the hospital for medical reasons
• four students transported to the hospital for alcohol intoxication
• Student transported to the hospital for drug intoxication
• Visitor fell down Dorsey stairs, no major injuries
• Visitor transported to the hospital for medical issue
• Goucher sign discovered in residence in Lewis
• Goucher sign discovered in residence in P-Selz
• Apple computers stolen from FMS loading dock
• Student reported items stolen from room in Winslow
• Student reported possible break-in in Probst
Vehicle Incident
• Golf cart collision on loop road, minor damages
• Vehicle entering campus struck gate house, minor damages
• Bus became stuck in grass near SRC
• Golf cart struck a vehicle in SRC lot

• Bathroom door vandalized in Wagner
• Whiteboard vandalized in SRC
• Mirror broken in SRC multi-purpose room
• Toilet cracked in Probst bathroom
• Student damaged parking boot applied to vehicle in South Lot
• Student took responsibility for breaking breezeway glass in Stimson
• Student reported gas smell in Jeffery, FMS and Fire Department responded with negative results
• Biiohazard clean up in Probst
• Visitor found using tool to cut tree near President’s House

• Two students found responsible for possession of marijuana (under 10g), possession of paraphernalia, fire safety violation – issued educational sanctions, parent notifications, $250 fines
• Four students found responsible for a social host violation (alcohol-related); two of those students found responsible for underage possession of alcohol – all issued educational sanctions, parent notifications, $50 fines
• Student found responsible for possession of marijuana (under 10g), possession of paraphernalia – issued educational sanction, $50 fine, parent notification
• Student found responsible for violation of no-contact order, violation of college policy – removed from campus residence, banned from campus for any reason other than attending class, received warning recommending expulsion for future violations

* …means responsible person unknown 

The college policies cited in this report are available at the following links:

Student Code of Conduct and Sexual Misconduct Policy:

Academic Honor Code:

Spin Bikeshare Comes to Goucher

Goucher’s Bikeshare Program. Photo Credit: Madeline St. John

What’s orange, has two wheels, a couple gears, and makes me think of popsicles and summertime? That’s right. I’m talking about those neon bikes we’ve all seen around campus. They showed up sometime within the past few months, and everytime I see someone on one, I wish I could drop everything and go for a ride. But where did they come from? How can I use one?

I sat down with Gabi Silver, ‘21, to help me answer these questions. Gabi told me that he first saw Spin back in October, when he was visiting D.C. for the weekend. He reached out to Spin personally, asking about potentially bringing a bunch of bikes to campus, and they responded enthusiastically, saying they’d love to bring 25 bikes to Goucher. The following is a piece of my interview with Gabi. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

NL: If I wanted to rent a bike, what steps would I have to go through to do so for my first time?

GS: It couldn’t be more simple, especially from a user’s point of view. It requires an app, so for iPhone users you go onto the App Store, and for Android users you go onto Google Play. You just search for an app called ‘Spin Bike Share.” It’s an orange app with an orange logo, and once you log on, and you use your email, it automatically sets the rate from $1/half hour to $1/hour. You put in a credit card [number], and from there, you just scan any of the QR codes located on the bike itself, and start your ride. It just kinda charges you for that: from the time the bike unlocks to the time you put the lock down.

NL: Are there rules about taking bikes off campus? How does that work?

GS: Since we’re on a campus, the agreement we made with Spin and the Goucher administration is that when you take a bike out you have to bring it back to campus within 24 hours. So that means that you might want to go to the Post Office, Target, or Walmart, [or anywhere off campus], but as long as the bike is back in the region of Towson within 24 hours, which you can see on the map on the app, you should be good. You shouldn’t get an email from us saying “Please bring the bike back.”

NL: But if someone rents the bike after I end my ride and before I can bring it back to campus, then it’s not my problem.

GS: Exactly. Yes. The actual bike relocation happens between me and the local bike repair company, and that’s not your problem if it happens. And if you do get an email saying you didn’t bring it back, just let me know, and I can definitely forward it to the right party.

NL: How long can I rent the bike for?

GS: We have 25 [bikes], as I said, on the Goucher campus, and there’re 100 at Towson..if you keep it for for 24 hours, you will be charged [the $24] for keeping it for that amount of time. So it’s not the kind of system where we want you to claim it as yours. In fact, that’s highly discouraged and against the Spin user agreement. The intention is to make it a system that’s fun and shareable for everyone.

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to Gabi at Happy riding! 

Neve Levinson


El colonialismo benevolente: la manifestación estadounidense del racismo y el sexismo


Al final de la guerra hispano-americana en 1898, Cuba finalmente pudo cortar sus lazos con su poder colonial, España. Aunque el país finalmente se había librado de su enemigo duradero, otro estaba intentando lentamente reemplazar ese poder. Los Estados Unidos tenía diversos intereses políticos, sociales, y económicos en la isla; por consecuencia, Cuba se convirtió en la vanguardia de su movimiento imperial. Una de sus estrategias más eficaces para difundir su ideología imperialista fue a través de unas caricaturas en los medios de comunicación que estaban disponibles a la mayoría del pueblo estadounidense. Las caricaturas de los EEUU consistían en una versión humanizada, más conocida como Uncle Sam, mientras que Cuba fue imaginada como seres humanos “impotentes,” como mujeres, niños y personas negras. A través de estas imágenes, los Estados Unidos construyó una falsa imagen de Cuba como débil e impotente, lo cual impulsó su agenda imperialista.

Con el fin de comprender mejor los objetivos de EEUU, es importante comprender la táctica imperialista del colonialismo benevolente y cómo se utilizó para justificar a la intervención en la isla. El colonialismo benevolente es el fenómeno en el que los agentes coloniales (como los EEUU) crean un imaginario que los retrata como los salvadores o las guías paternas de una región colonizada (como Cuba). Durante los primeros años de separación de Cuba de España, muchos periódicos crearon caricaturas racializadas y feminizadas de la isla al representar a Cuba como una mujer blanca, un niño asistido por Uncle Sam, o un niño pendenciero de piel oscura. En su libro Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural History of U.S. – Latin American Relations, Eileen Findley explica que la ideología del cuidador benevolente retratada por Uncle Sam es la encarnación de un “regalo a los colonizados.” La combinación de este “regalo a los colonizados” y las caricaturas demuestra la visión racista y sexista de la isla subyacente a la agenda imperialista de los EEUU. El complejo salvador de este país también es criticado en el libro de Carmen Alfonso 100 preguntas y respuestas sobre Cuba cuando escribe,

“Su esencia en las pretensiones del poderoso país del norte en imponer a la isla sus concepciones hegemónicas desconociendo su derecho a la independencia y soberanía, y establecer el sistema económico, político y social que considere más conveniente para su pueblo.”

Así que, el pueblo de Cuba reconoció el próximo peligro de los Estados Unidos y la amenaza para su movimiento de independencia.

La representación de Cuba como mujer o niño perpetúa la idea de que la isla era demasiado femenina o infantil para guiarse, lo que permitió a los Estados Unidos racionalizar su intervención en la isla. La caricatura de Uncle Sam añade a esta opresiva ideología porque se supone que él es el epítome de la paternidad, la protección y la fuerza. A menudo, Uncle Sam abrazaba a Cuba (como mujer) mientras lloraba o aguantaba la mano de Cuba (como niño). Sus rasgos musculares, o lo que los expertos llaman su representación “mesomórfica,” contribuyen a este áspero sentido de masculinidad y paternidad. Estas representaciones construyen la idea del salvador benevolente, lo que refuerza la noción de que Cuba es incapaz de gobernarse adecuadamente a sí misma. Además, los cubanos eran vistos como racialmente inferiores a los ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos (proporcionando otra justificación para el poder imperialista), por lo que también fueron retratados como niños negros. La representación de Cuba como niño negro transmite la noción de incontrolabilidad, que está arraigada en estereotipos coloniales de afrodescendientes. Esta propaganda es exacerbada por la imagen supremacista blanca de Uncle Sam, lo cual también se basa en antiguas percepciones de la superioridad racial. Por lo tanto, los EEUU utilizaba nociones preconcebidas de identidades marginadas para promover su colonialismo benevolente.

El colonialismo benevolente fue un medio para justificar la intervención estadounidense en Cuba y otros territorios potenciales. Al crear la imagen del salvador paternalista, Cuba fue entonces percibida como una isla de brutos y débiles que no eran ni suficientemente sofisticados ni civilizados para dirigir su propio país. Las caricaturas utilizadas en los medios de comunicación durante este período de tiempo ayudaron a la meta del control estadounidense de la isla a través de representaciones sexistas y racistas de la isla personificada. Aunque las caricaturas de los periódicos no son tan influyentes como fueron una vez durante los primeros años del siglo XX, la táctica imperialista del colonialismo benevolente todavía sigue plagando a la política exterior estadounidense en la actualidad. Ya se trate de la guerra en Oriente Medio o de la intervención política en América latina, varios países todavía no son considerados capaces por los Estados Unidos de gobernarse a sí mismos. Hay una necesidad de seguir criticando la política exterior de los Estados Unidos y cómo el país continúa promoviendo sus propias agendas políticas y económicas en el mundo.



Featured Image: Google Images


Events in Baltimore: April 2nd – April 21st


Events in Baltimore


*​ ​18+
**​ ​21+

April 2

  • Japanese Breakfast, Emily Reo at Ottobar
  • Krosis, Silent on Fifth Street, Terraform, The Seamstress, Feed Me Fear, The Ominous They at Sidebar
  • Nobunny, Homosuperior, Mallwalker at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Trouble No More” (2017) dir. Jennifer LeBeau at The Charles Theatre

April 3

  • Rusty Blue, Old Eastern, The Vibesmen at Sidebar
  • Let My Pizza Go at Joe Squared
  • Grateful April, Catullus, Naked Jungle at The 8×10
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • “Speak Up” (2016) dir. Stephane de Freitas, Ladj Ly (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 4

  • Sirenia, Threat Signal, Valinor Excelsior, Niviane, Marzy Maddox** at Ottobar
  • avoid., Clairvoyant, Hostile Array, Summer Homes, Human Travesty at Sidebar
  • Grateful April, Stewbone, A Benefit for Dean at The 8×10
  • Andrew Robear at Tin Roof
  • Spirited Away screening at The Crown
  • $1 Roller Skating at Hot Skates
  • Bread and Puppet Presents: The Basic Bye Bye Show! At 2240 Space
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre
  • “Silent Italian Cinema in Baltimore” (1917) (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 5

  • Katie von Schleicher, Liz Yayda, Wishing Rock** at Ottobar
  • Dirkschneider, Elm Street, A Sound of Thunder, Cyber Strike at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Withered, Wake, Embalming Process, Rukut, Drugs Of Faith at Sidebar
  • BWC Presents: Gin and Jokes at Joe Squared
  • 90’s Night with live music by As If at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • My So Called Trivia and Comedy at The Crown
  • Hey You, Come Back! April Reading at The Crown
  • Ruune, Little Gunpowder at The Ballroom Gallery
  • Sweaty Eyeballs presents: “The Breadwinner” (2017) dir. Nora Twomney (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “Trouble No More” (2017) dir. Jennifer LeBeau at The Charles Theatre

April 6

  • Pretty in Pink 80’s Prom Party!* at Ottobar
  • Cradle of Filth, Jinjer, Uncured at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Billy Winn, Logicoma, Woven In, L. Valerie at Sidebar
  • Talegunner** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Magic Beans, Slow Lights at The 8×10
  • Nate McCormick at Tin Roof
  • Skies in Chaos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Broken Social Scene, Belle Game at Rams Head Live!
  • Bleachers, Foreign Air at Power Plant Live!
  • World Sound Series: Anbessa Orchestra at The Motor House
  • Jawn Parker Lewish Art Show at The Crown
  • “Claire’s Camera” (2017) dir. Hong Sangsoo opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Great Silence” (1968) dir. Sergio Corbucci opening at The SNF Parkway

April 7

  • Current Joys, Romantic States, Reagan Cats at Ottobar
  • lil bill, El Plaga, Al Rogers, Jr., Grotto Gang with DJs James P and S at Sidebar
  • Jack Russell’s Great White, Korupt, Ace Holiday, Scarlet Angel** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Higher Education, Stratus Fear, The Vibesmen, The Harbor Boys at The 8×10
  • Skies in Chaos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Amplify: Work by Matthew Moore and Gideon Bok at Exeter Gallery
  • Natural Velvet, Toxic Moxie, Ratboiler, Pinkwench at The Crown
  • Your Dream Coat, June Pastel, Mothpuppy, Salt Circles at EMP Collective
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 8

  • 3teeth/H099O9: Lights Out America, Street Sects, Eu1ogy at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Judah Friedlander at Joe Squared
  • Mike Manos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Lil Skies, Landon Cube, YBS Skola at Rams Head Live!
  • The Collection, Super City, Josephy Mulhollen (solo) at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre

April 9

  • Social Club Misfits, Riley, Clemmons at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Pinkish Black, Dark Water Transit, Blacksage at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre
  • “Tainted Blood” dir. Jill Yesko (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 10

  • Maxo Kream, Cuz Lightyear, Nature Boi, Dre Thompson at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Signs of Spring at Metro Gallery
  • Colorful Sounds: Concord Jazz Project ft. Khalid Thompson at The Motor House
  • An Evening with Lou Barlow at Baby’s on Fire!
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre

April 11

  • Vampire Beat, Duchess And The Deadbirds, Tenwatch at Sidebar
  • Negative Gemini & George Clanton, Amy Reid, Giddeon Gallows at Metro Gallery
  • Grateful April, Jerry Tripsters at The 8×10
  • Trevor Davis at Tin Roof
  • The Holy Mountain screening at The Crown
  • GRID, the WHRD, Heraldry at EMP Collective
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 12

  • Third Grade Friends, Teenage Mortgage, Holy Fingers, The Fun Boys at Ottobar
  • Prisoner at Sidebar
  • Bit Brigade, Rare Candy, Double Ferrari, Garbage Masher at Metro Gallery
  • 90’s Night with live music by As If at Tin Roof
  • Fortunate Youth, Ballyhoo!, Tatanka at Rams Head Live!
  • Disney Junior Dance Party Live! at The Lyric
  • Surf Harp, Pet, Bilge Rat, Scroll Downers at The Crown
  • Bob’s Burgers and Beats at The Crown
  • “New World” (2013) dir. Hoon-jung Park (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 13

  • Emo Nite Baltimore* at Ottobar
  • Rico Nasty, Abby Jasmine, Cellis, Phizzals at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Infinite Pizza, BRAT, Manners Manners, Midnight In Rome at Sidebar
  • Queens of Noise: The Runaways Tribute, Amazing Bill, Taller Tales,  The GoAround, The Stereophonic Heartbreak* at Metro Gallery
  • YoNoSay, Bloomer, The Ok-Ok’s, SunNotYellow at Joe Squared
  • Madhouse (Ozzy Tribute), Uncalled4, One Day Waiting, Jamnation, Munk** at Fish Head Cantina
  • #NoGenreShow ft. Mundy, Marc Evans, Blackroot Underground
  • Andrew Robear at Tin Roof
  • Sons of the Radio at Tin Roof
  • Wolf Alice, The Big Pink at Rams Head Live!
  • Pique Collective presents: Attach Mode at The Motor House
  • Snakes (record release), Quitter, Pearl, Strawberry Sleepover at EMP Collective
  • “Leaning Into The Wind” (2017) dir. Thomas Reidelsheimer opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Where is Kyra” (2017) dir. Andrew Dosunmu opening at The SNF Parkway

April 14

  • The Coffin Daggers, Quattracenta, The Bali Llamas, The Phantom Killers at Ottobar
  • The Werks & Litz, Deaf Scene at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Local3, Sleepers, Edorra, Treazon, Oncedrowned at Sidebar
  • Hide, Blacksage, Drone Theory, Necere, DJ Blasphemous Rumors at Metro Gallery
  • NYC Comedy Invades Baltimore at Joe Squared
  • Sadistic Vision, Final Flesh, Crimson Orchid, Black Rose, Bridges Will Burn** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Depth Perception Presents: Alignment Tour ft. Deerskin, Aliens at Work, Zero Gravity, Cntrlla, Morphics at The 8×10
  • Boom Boom Jones at Tin Roof
  • Shogun Fights XVIII at Royal Farms Arena
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 15

  • School of Rock – Baltimore at Ottobar
  • Spring Kick-Off at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Footwerk, Jackie Venson at Metro Gallery
  • Josh Lewis of Joint Operation at Tin Roof
  • Wild Kratts LIVE! at The Lyric
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • “Stage Russia: Uncle Vanya” opening at The SNF Parkway

April 16

  • Grateful April, Jordan August and Friends at The 8×10
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • “Blade” and “Blade II” double feature (1998, 2002) dir. Stephen Norrington, Guillermo del Toro (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 17

  • Dumbfounded – The Yikes! Year of the Ox, Nafla, Isaac Flame, DJ Zo, Jahn Rome at Baltimore Soundstage
  • This Curse. at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • Sight Unseen presents: “Note to Self: Films of Nazli Dincel” dir. Nazli Dincel (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 18

  • Punchline, The Stolen, Fives at Ottobar
  • Eric B. & Rakim – The Technique Tour, Yo-yo at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Forever Finessin Movement presents: Tha Rumble in the DMV at Sidebar
  • Weaves, Stef Chura, Wishing Rock at Metro Gallery
  • Chris Diller at Tin Roof
  • Soulfly & Nile, Bridge to Divide, Seventh Seal, Fire in Elysum at Rams Head Live!
  • Superman 3 screening at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “Dead Man” (1995) dir. Jim Jarmusch at The Senator Theatre

April 19

  • Juice Bruns, Jett Bailey, Solesky, Famos Amos, Faraji Jacobs at Ottobar
  • Rhiannon Gidden at Baltimore Soundstage
  • The Dirty Grass Players, Dirty Blanket, Friend Pickin’ at The 8×10
  • Artist Talks w/ Ernest & Gail Kromah at The Motor House
  • Sentient Planet 6 at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 20

  • Kevin Morby, Hand Habits, more TBA! At Ottobar
  • Buckethead at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Syringe (EP Release Show) at Sidebar
  • Stoned to Death 420 Metal and Magic, The Flying Eyes (final Baltimore show!) Haze Mage, Heavy Temple, Lazlo Lee and The Motherless Children, Tombtoker* at Metro Gallery
  • So Lonely (Police Tribute)** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Psycho Killers at The 8×10
  • Joey Harkum at Tin Roof
  • Badfish – A Tribute to Sublime, Bumpin Uglies, Edjacated Phools at Rams Head Live!
  • The Matt Davis Comedy Hypnosis Show at The Motor House
  • Up in Smoke: JoshStokes, MedicineMan, DavonneD’Neil, Theabbitt at The Crown
  • “Love After Love” (2018) dir. Russel Harbaugh opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Endless” (2018) dir. Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Vampire Clay” (2017) dir. Soichi Umezawa opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Devil and Father Amorth” and “The Exorcist” (2017, 1973) opening at The SNF Parkway

April 21

  • Bully, War on Women (record release), Shellshag at Ottobar
  • Tesseract, Plini, Astronoid at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Modern Fuzz, Tild, Apex, Sycamyre, Paid in Full at Sidebar
  • Black Alley Band at Metro Gallery
  • My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, 51 Peg, Machines of Living Death, Screaming in Silence** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Ivy Lab, PAINT, Shield, Chee at The 8×10
  • Rally in the Alley at Tin Roof
  • Platinum Comedy Tour ft. Mike Epps, Earthquake, Deray Davis, Rickey Smiley, Tony Rock
  • The Journalouges at The Motor House
  • A Lor Bit of Soul at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Port of Call” (1948) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theatre

Events in Baltimore (March 17th – March 30th)


Events in Baltimore (March 17th – March 30th)


*​ ​18+
**​ ​21+

March 17

  • Santa Librada album release party w/ Gateway to Hell and Holy Fingers at The Windup Space
  • Kurt Deemer Band, Cancled Stamps, Divining Rod, The Jennifers at Ottobar
  • “Don’t Kiss Me. I’m Not Irish” Dance Party** at Ottobar
  • The Mantras, Squaring The Circle* at Metro Gallery
  • “FOOD NOT BOMBS” Benefit at Sidebar
  • Herd of Main Street, Run Come See, Echo Bloom at Joe Squared
  • The Legwarmers: Ultimate 80’s St. Patrick’s Day at Rams Head Live!
  • Torrey Smith Family Fund Charity Basketball Game at Royal Farms Arena
  • Schubert The Great at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Gallery Show: Ernest Kromah “Legacy of an Icon” (ongoing) at The Motor House
  • Zip Into the Yellow Light ft. Abdu Ali at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • Sugar ‘n’ Spice at The Crown
  • Skin Tight Soul Party at The Crown
  • “Family Life” (2017) dir. Cristian Jimenez & Alicia Scherson (3 shows only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 18

  • Drinking and Dragons** at The Windup Space
  • Little Tybee The Reign of Kindo, Del Florida at Ottobar
  • The Sweet Spot Baltimore: Mardi Gras Edition* at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras Concert at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Romeo and Juliet at The Lyric
  • Coffee Fest at Baltimore Convention Center
  • “Stage Russia: Chekhov’s Three Sisters at The SNF Parkway
  • Bobbi Rush, Josh Stokes, Lambda Celsius & Internet Boyfriend at The Crown

March 19

  • The Noise Presents: Iced Earth – The Incorruptable World Tour and more! at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Comedy Night! at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • “Sight Unseen and Secret Psychic Cinema co-present Spatial, Celestial, Cerebral: Short Films by Woman Filmmakers (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 20

  • Baltimore Boom Bap Society at The Windup Space
  • Brown Angel, Hangers, Tombtoker, Wayward at Sidebar
  • The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America during the 1960’s at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • “Everyman at the Parkway: Big Night (1996) dir. Stanley Tucci & Campbell Scott (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 21

  • Snail Mail, Shame, Romantic States, more TBA at Ottobar
  • Soft Kill, Choir Boy, Blacksage, Carl Gene* at Metro Gallery
  • Red Sun Rising, Imbued, Old Eastern at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Ether, Deep Rest, Dead Empires, Pickwick Commons at Sidebar
  • Miguel at The Lyric
  • The Art of Comedy Open Mic at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • “Stage Russia: Chekhov’s Three Sisters at The SNF Parkway
  • TWEN (TN), Den-mate, Hexgirlfriends, Albert Bagman at The Crown
  • Co-op Happy Hour with BRED at Baltimore Bicycle Works
  • Michael Loadenthal presents The Politics of Attack at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • “Maineland” (2017) dir. Miao Wang at The SNF Parkway

March 22

  • Bugg, Wildhoney, Post Pink + Ultra Beauty at The Windup Space
  • Steely Dan vs Fleetwood Mac Vinyl DJ Night** at Ottobar
  • Forever Came Calling, In Her Own Words, Hold Close, Something More, Chris Swartz* at Metro Gallery
  • Elohim at Baltimore Soundstage
  • MUNK, Evergroove, Xactil Xperience at Sidebar
  • BSO Pulse: Valerie June at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Turntabliss Thursday’s w/ DJ Pope at The Motor House
  • Film Screening: Release at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • Everything Will Be Okay (A stand-up comedy show) at The Crown
  • “The Times of Harvey Milk” (1984) dir. Robert Epstein at The SNF Parkway

March 23

  • Shannon and the Clams, LIP at The Windup Space
  • Lightning Bolt, Glockabelle, James Twig Harper, Book of Morrin at Ottobar
  • Movements, Can’t Swim, Super Whatevr, Gleemer at Metro Gallery
  • Our Last Night – Selective Hearing North America tour 2018 w/ I The Might, Don Bronco, Jule Vera at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Hungover, One Life To Lead, Matt Talley at Sidebar
  • Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible Tour at Royal Farms Arena
  • The High & Wides (early show!) at Joe Squared
  • Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • “12 Days” (2017) dir. Raymond Depardon opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “A Ciambra” (2017) dir. Janas Carpignano opening at The SNF Parkway

March 24

  • Icon for Hire, Makeout, Courage My Love at Ottobar
  • “Feed The Tree” 90’s Alternative Party w. DJ Matthew Rubbish** at Ottobar
  • Breakforth & Think Again, Indianhead, Palm Trees in Moscow, The Revived* at Metro Gallery
  • Barely Alive & Virtual Riot, Anoxex, Cybin Quest, Don DC, Campbell at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Dark Waters End, Genevieve, Pathogenic, Emerge A Tyrant, Constituents at Sidebar
  • DysDopia: Comedu Music End of the World Party at Joe Squared
  • Area 301, Milton J and The Leftovers, Old Eastern, The Control** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible Tour at Royal Farms Arena
  • Classical Revolution presents Lost & Found at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • “Belly and Set It Off” (1998/1996) double feature (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 25

  • Expert of Nothing at The Windup Space
  • Ottobar Equinox Spring Flea Market at Ottobar
  • ATM, George’s Bush, Joe Biden, Mallwalker at Ottobar
  • Gost, computer Magic, Ca8al* at Metro Gallery
  • Timeflies, Bryce Vine, Baby Raptors at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre

March 26

  • Horatio Dark at The Windup Space
  • Generations Tour: Mega Ran, Non Like Joshua, and more! at Ottobar
  • Comedy Night! at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • “Gummo” (1997) dir. Harmony Korine (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 27

  • Norma Jean, Gideon, Toothgrinder, Greyhaven, Birthright
  • Cloak, Mother Moon* at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • Filthy (TX), Nightmare Difficulty & Sword Prom at Holy Frijoles

March 28

  • The Screams, Morning Dew, Dedyuth, Triple Backflip, Committee at Ottobar
  • Watain, Destroyer 666, Tomb at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Sidebar Flea Market! at Sidebar
  • Drake Bell, Tyron, Joe Kirk, Cecilia Grance, Brian Hardy at Fish Head Cantina
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • Royal Brat (MN), No Hair, Eggman at True Vine Record Shop
  • Resounding Silence at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • Patsy’s Rats, Outer Spaces, Glue Traps at Asian Taste

March 29

  • Billy Lyve & Ill Luck, Jaymoney Hackett, Ignorant Idols at Ottobar
  • Daddy Issues, PLRLS, James & The Giant Peach* at Metro Gallery
  • The Contortionist, Silent Planet, Skyharbor, Strawberry Girls at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Flower at Sidebar
  • Control Top, Empath, Vo//id, Wipeout at Joe Squared
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • MLK, Jr. and the Memphis Strike at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse

March 30

  • DA KID EMM, Teemonee, and more!*
  • Joh Works, Death by Bong, Dj Selah* at Metro Gallery
  • Australia’s Thunder From Down Under* at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Apex tha Genius, Elaye, Lil Millzz, Yung Easy, Silent Tough Guys, Dre Thompson at Sidebar
  • The Fun Boys, Phase Arcade, Phantasm, Lushfarm at Joe Squared
  • Eve to Adam, Blacklight District, VEER, Calisus, Demyze at Fish Head Cantina
  • Saved by the 90’s with the Bayside Tigers at Rams Head Live!
  • Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band at Royal Farms Arena
  • Women’s History Month Performance Celebration at The Motor House
  • “Flower” (2017) dir. Max Winkler opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Outside In” (2017) dir. Lynn Shelton opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Chine Hustle” (2017) dir. Jed Rothstein opening at The SNF Parkway

Featured Image: Baltimore’s Snail Mail. Photo Credit: BrooklynVegan


Track and Field Landmark Conference


On Saturday, February 24th, the Gophers competed in the Landmark Conference at the indoor track and field Landmark Conference championship. first-year Brian Sullivan, from the men’s team, came in ninth place in the 60-meter dash and tenth place in the 200-meter dash with respective times of 7.42 and 24.03 (seconds). On the field, sophomore Darby Bauer finished ninth in the weight throw, launching the weight a whopping 39’8.50”.
Sophomore Natalie Kent, finishing second in the shot put, scored the highest for the women’s team, leading them to a sixth place finish. Sophomore Taylor Gunter placed fourth in the shot put with respective tosses of 35’ 9.25” and 34’ 11.75”. Gunter also placed third in the weight throw with an effort of 44’ 6.25”. Sophomore Gabby Blazek made third place in the pole vault clearing 9’ 5.75”. On the track, sophomores Michell Wolinsky and Anna Galina and first-years Kennedy Lowery and Enid Swatson took third in the 4×200 meter relay with a time of 1:55.24. Gallina had high finishes, placing seventh in the 200-meter dash (28.18) and tenth in the 400-meter dash (1:07.48). In the distance medley relay, first-years Jennifer Alves, Enid Swatson, and Isabel Srour and sophomore Victoria Wheeler took sixth place with Alves, Swatson, and Wheeler running distances they have never run on the track.
The indoor track team is saying goodbyes to seniors Brandon Creed and Katie Thompson. Creed was named to the Landmark Conference All-Sportsmanship Team along with sophomore Anna Gallina. Goucher will miss the heck out of these folks.
On Saturday, March 24th, the Gophers will host the Goucher Classic Invitational. Come support the Gophers on the track, because, as Coach John Caslin always says, “it’s a great day to be a Gopher!”

Featured Image: Landmark Conference Logo. Photo Credit: Goucher College Website


Goodbye (for now) to Athletics Director Geoff Miller


The Gophers and Goucher College are saying a tearful goodbye to Director of Athletics Geoffrey Miller after gracing Goucher with his love and hard work for twenty two years. Not only was dear Mr. Miller the Director of Athletics. Additionally, Mr. Miller graced Goucher as a professor in Goucher’s graduate school’s M.Ed. program, concentrating in sports administration and leadership. Mr. Miller’s previous work had him in Washington College working as the Director of Athletics for seven years. Thankfully, he decided to come to Goucher in 1994 to serve as the Director of Athletics in hopes of “building of an athletic program” for the students and community here at Goucher.
During his time at Goucher, Mr. Miller has been a force of change, overseeing the addition of the track, pavilion and turf field, and the conversion of classrooms into the weight rooms in the SRC. Mr. Miller also brought Goucher to the Landmark Conference, which he helped to create. While making changes, Mr. Miller also noted changes around him, including the many curriculum changes. According to Mr. Miller, “we aren’t salesmen, but we’re trying to sell the school to our students.” To Mr. Miller, change is for the better.
As for the future of Goucher, Miller hopes that the Gophers bring home the metaphorical gold, winning more conference championships and gaining more national recognition for grades. After more then twenty years of work, Geoffrey Miller will be truly missed by the faculty and the students for his friendly and kind-hearted attitude. And although this is a goodbye, it’s not goodbye forever, as Mr. Miller plans to keep in touch with Goucher’s teams. From all of us in the Goucher Community, bon voyage and may the next step in your life’s journey be fruitful and pleasant.

Featured Image: Geoff Miller, with his daughter Sara, on Beldon Field in 2011. Photo Credit: WordPress blog by Billy Weiss, ‘11


The Poetry Corner


This semester, the Kratz Center for Creative Writing is sponsoring a series of events entitled “Poetry as Community.” In conjunction with this theme, the Q has asked student poets to write about poets whose work they appreciate, to send in along with their own poems.

Here is Goucher poet Donché Golder, ’18, on poets who he considers to be great:

Lady Ise 877-?940

Lady Ise is a Japanese poet who wrote her work and the ‘Waka’  form. The term ‘Waka’ refers to poetry written in a 5-7-5-7-7 metre, (5-7-5 look familiar?) although it was once an all encompassing word form poetry in Japan. Lady Ise was the premiere female poet in Kokinwakashū, the first anthology of waka commissioned by Emperor Daigo. She is also, alongside Ono no Komachi, one of the premiere female poets in the Japanese early classical canon. Her works on the season are very beautiful and when translated are among some of my favorites.

*Note: Waka when translated into English or other languages may not always retain their metre.

ISE SHŪ 37 (*Ise Shū is the poetic memoirs of Lady Ise)

yo ni sakanu        Never blooming in this world,
mono ni ariseba    Were it such a thing,
sakurabana        A cherry blossom;
Fito ni amaneku    To all and sundry
tugezaramasi wo     It would be better not, to announce it so!

KOKINWAKASHŪ XVIII: 1000 (located in the 18th book of the kokinwahashū, the 1,000th waka chronologically.)

yamagaFa no        A mountain brook
oto ni nomi kiku    Babbling is all I hear
momosiki wo        Over the many-stoned palace
mi wo Faya nagara    Swift as the current would I return to the days
miru yosi mo gana     I saw it-how I wish it could be so!


Fujiwara No Teika 1162-1241

Like Lady Ise above, Fujiwara No Teika (Teika), was a renowned Japanese poet who wrote in the waka form. His works were inspired by the occurrences in his life, and show fluctuations due to his status at court and his physical health. Nonetheless he is still an inspiration to me as a poet. His works are recorded in the Senzaishū and the Shinkokinshū.


sigure yuku        Touched by drizzling rain,
yomo no kozuwe no    All around, the treetops
iro yori mo        With their colours say
aki Fa yuFube no    Autumn in evening is
kaFaru narikeri     A time of change, indeed.


tamayura no        Fleeting, indeed, are
tsuyu mo namida mo    Dew and tear drops, both
todomarazu        Unceasing;
nakibito koru        She loved
yado no aki kaze     This house, where Autumn winds blow now.


Lucille Clifton 1936-2010

Lucille Clifton was an African American Poet born in New York City.  Since it isn’t my job to give you a full chronicle of her life, I’ll keep it brief. Clifton’s work focused on the African American experience, both as an African American woman and as a member of an African American family.  She was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for her works Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir, 1969-1980, and Next: New Poems, which were both published in 1987. Clifton was also Poet Laureate of Baltimore City (My hometown). All in all, Clifton’s work speaks to me as an African American and makes me aspire to write as well as she did.

homage to my hips

these hips are big hips

they need space to

move around in.

they don’t fit into little

petty places. these hips

are free hips.

they don’t like to be held back.

these hips have never been enslaved,

they go where they want to go

they do what they want to do.

these hips are mighty hips.

these hips are magic hips.

i have known them

to put a spell on a man and

spin him like a top!


my dream about being white

hey music and


only white,

hair a flutter of

fall leaves

circling my perfect

line of a nose,

no lips,

no behind, hey

white me

and i’m wearing

white history

but there’s no future

in those clothes

so i take them off and

wake up



Other poets Donché recommends:

Featured Image:  Lucille Clifton. Credit: The Poetry Foundation

Goucher Poets: Donché Golder


As a part of this semester’s theme of community, the Kratz Center for Creative writing is sponsoring a series called “Poetry as Community,” bringing local poets to campus to build new connections. To add to this conversation of poetry as a means of creating community, the Q is asking student poets to share their poems. To start off this series, here are a couple poems from Donché Golder, ‘18.
In his words, Donché Golder is an aspiring poet and a native of Baltimore City. He’s a 4th year English Major, Professional Writing Minor who plays chess and reads manga in between stressing over whether he will be employable after graduation.

To read about poets that inspire Donché, click here.

Hallmark Scene

Look at it
The fire place lit
Gifts sit idle
Under the tree
Children sit around
The golden retriever smiles
At the feet of father
His pipe lit
Mother stands behind
The red armchair
In front of the window
Where we witness
Another White Christmas

Thanks for another
Noninclusive representation
Of a capitalistic holiday


Lover’s Exchange (List of Sedoka: Read from right to left)

you reaches this When
and vanished have will sun the
.contrast in pale will moon the

gently rest words Your
.heart my is that bed the on
.later arrive will response My

.love received have I
draws note the on fragrance The
.you to closer ever me

,touched truly am I
.away far stay must you but
.die you’ll ,you sees father If

.wrath his seen have I
,armies vast his seen have I
.beauty seen have too I but

you ask not do I
,here emotions your still to
.letters these for yearn I but

letters the like And
,you before appear will I
.sun black the of night the on



The monster sits in the dark

and peers deep into the truth.


He looks back at them,

lustful incarnations in the cradle of time.


He recalls יעל.

Her curly brown locks,

and the way she didn’t hesitate

to embrace him.


His guard let down.

Her skin smiling, elephant tusk

wrapped around a child of Adama.

She, born in gods image,

bore into him.


He drank of her milk.

Secure in her tent,

he fell asleep.


She stared into the eyes of a beast

whose true existence could not be fathomed

by weaker men;

men tired from wars: internal and external.

They fade.


The monster sits in the dark

retells the truth of a woman of light.




Featured Image: Poetry Broadside created by Donché Golder.

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