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Goucher Cribs: Inside the Dorm Room of Sam Rose


Hey readers! Welcome to Goucher Cribs, a new segment where you can get to learn about your fellow students through where they spend most of their time… their rooms! 

This week’s inaugural crib belongs to Sam Rose (he/him), a sophomore currently living with his roommate, Sawyer, in Tuttle House. 

A Digital Arts and Media Studies major, Sam needs a solid crash pad where he can brainstorm his next big project. So, let’s check it out! 

When asked what aspect of his room he was the most proud of, Sam said “We call the dorm’s theme “elevated frat boy.” For a space where two guys live it’s very tidy, which is no small feat. I’m the most proud of my plants, too, but my little gallery wall is a close second.”

Sam’s side of the room, photo credit Vivian Huddleston 

He thinks the most unique part of his room is “My whole desk area. I think it really exemplifies “me” and it’s just really cozy and fun to look at.” and especially wanted us to know that “We have a projector that we set up between the two wardrobes!”

If he could make any changes to his room, Sam wishes that, “I had a bit more space for my guitar stuff and for an extra beanbag or something, but me and my roommate, Sawyer, I feel like we’ve made the most of the space.”

Sam’s gallery wall, photo credit Vivian Huddleston 

This concludes the tour of Sam’s cozy, Borzoi adorned, “mojo dojo casa” dorm! If you see him around campus, be sure to tell him how clean his dorm is (it wouldn’t be frightening at all)!. And, maybe ask what movie he and Sawyer plan on watching next. I need some recommendations. 

Catch you next edition with another Goucher Crib!

By Vivian Huddleston ’27

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