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The Spirits of The Home — Chapter 1


Hello there, my name is Yueri, and this is my story. I woke up from my slumber and saw that only an hour had passed. I turn over in my bed trying to fall back asleep, but my brain has decided it wants to stay awake. So, I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. 

I live in a house with my significant other. She had told me that she wouldn’t be home for the next few days– work had taken her away again this week. I sigh in frustration at my body for not wanting to fall asleep. I decide to get up and walk down to the kitchen. I pace down the steps and into the kitchen grab a glass of water. I hum to myself as I look around. The house is quiet, which is strange when my friends are active. 

Oh, I forgot to mention I see dead people since my house is tragically very haunted. One of the primary spirits is a 76-year-old man named Ethan. He passed away in an oil rig explosion about three years before we moved in. Ethan looks a little bit unusual, as he has the features of an eel and wears a jester costume. I know it’s strange, but he is a very calm spirit that just wants to talk to people. 

The most perplexing spirit is a teenage girl named Mara, who loves to torment me and my partner. She torments me by refusing to tell me about anything that happened to her when she was alive. I sigh as I walk through the house knowing I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I walk into my living room and turn on the television. After a little bit of watching someone sits on the couch and I look over and see Mara. 

“Hello Mara, how are you doing today?” I say as I smirk.  

“Well let’s see,” Mara pondered, “I’m still stuck in this sad state with you and Ethan.” 

“Well, I could help you, but you won’t tell me anything.” I say with a little bit of sass in my tone. 

Mara rolls her eyes at me as she crosses her arms, “I’m good, there is no way you can help me. People have tried and they all have failed.” 

“Why do you think that everyone is going to fail you? You don’t even want to give me a shot,” I said as I stood up in front of her and looked at her. 

“Why should when everyone else has failed.” She said as she stood up and disappeared. 

I huff as she gets on my nerves. Mara won’t let me help her despite my persistent efforts for the past two years. I walk back into the kitchen and put the glass in the sink. I stand at the sink as I feel someone beside me. I look over and a small smile appears on my face. 

“Hey Ethan, how are you doing today?” 

“I’m a good Yueri,” said Ethan, “How about yourself?” 

“I’ve had better days. I just want to help her. Why won’t she let me?” I say as there is a hint of sadness in my voice. 

“She was young when she passed. You have her name. Maybe it’s time for you to do your own digging into her past.” 

“I do that, and it just might make things worse.” 

“We are already gone– what more harm can you do to us?” 

I nod my head as I think about what Ethan is talking about. “Well, I guess you’re right. Thank you, Ethan.” I say as he nods his head and then he is gone again. 

I clean my dish as I head up to my room. I turn on my light and walk over to the dresser and open the drawer. As I grab an old photo and let out a sigh. 

“I guess we have work to do mom, time to see if we can help some more people.” I say as I smile and put the photo back. 

Grabbing my laptop and taking a deep breath. I whisper to myself, “Let’s get to work.”

Echo (they/them) is a first-year Staff Writer at The Quindecim. They are a Psychology major with a minor in Creative Writing. Echo is from Delaware and a graduate of Lake Forest High School where they were part of the drama club. In edition to the Q, they are a member of the Dungeons and Dragons Club and the Anthro Club at Goucher College (AcGc). In their free time, Echo likes to write and cosplay.

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