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November 8th-13th News Roundup


By The Quindecim Staff


Joe Biden has won both the Electoral College and popular vote. While recounts are taking place in multiple states, his win seems secure. In local news, Washington officially has made comprehensive sex ed part of our K-12 curriculum! (Neve)

In reference to the BLM uprising that took place this year, Donald Trump Jr. made a controversial tweet stating, “70 million pissed off republicans and not one city burned to the ground” after the loss of Trump in the presidential election. Trump and his children continue to fight against the election results and Biden’s win. (Briana)

This last week, Goucher’s wastewater tests have detected a case of COVID-19 on campus, students were tested on Wednesday with extra precautions put into place such as limited people in common rooms and students bringing food back to their rooms (Nick)

In other Goucher news, President Deveraux has been sending out periodic email updates with the subject line “Goucher’s work to create a more inclusive college.” His most recent message includes recognition of GBSU’s demands along with updates on Goucher’s decision to not renew GardaWorld’s contract moving forward. (Neve)

In tech news, Apple announced another event, scheduled for November 10th, last week following the iPhone 12 reveal event last month. It is very likely that Apple will unveil the first Mac computers to use Apple’s own custom silicon instead of Intel’s CPUs, paving a new era for the Mac lineup, in addition to the release of the next major OS update, macOS 11.0 Big Sur. (Marquis)

Looking internationally, the far-right conservative government of Poland backed down from implementing a controversial judicial ruling which seeks to ban abortions amid days of protests and clashes with police. Poland continues to have some of the most restrictive laws on abortion in Europe; the latest controversial court ruling would have banned the small number of legal abortions still legally allowed to be practiced. (Jibril)


Ted Lasso on Apple TV (Neve)

MFKZ on Netflix (Briana)

Dragon Prince (TV; Jibril)

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone (Music; Jibril)


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