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Heubeck Hall Endures Vandalism and String of False Fire Alarms 


Over the course of the first week of November, the fire alarm at Heubeck hall was set off no less than four times: in the evening of Sunday, October 30, in the early hours of Tuesday, November 1, and twice within the span of twelve hours on Saturday, November 5. During that same weekend, vending machines in Heubeck and Welsh were shattered. 

According to an email sent out to Heubeck Residents by Director of Residential Life Lindy Bobbitt, the fire alarms were set off after popcorn was “intentionally left in the microwave for long periods of time.” In response, all microwaves in Heubeck’s common rooms were removed. The fire alarm would not go off again until early on December 9, when it was left malfunctioning for more than an hour due to a pipe leakage.

Flier seen in Heubeck following string of fire alarms. Photo by Rory Sweeting. Feature image of Heubeck Hall in March 2022 by Amita Chatterjee.

In separate emails addressed to the residents of Heubeck and Welsh, Bobbitt noted that the costs of replacing the broken vending machines were between $4000 and $7000. She also encouraged residents of the buildings to come forward with information about the incidents, noting that without any information, the entire community would be charged with replacing the vending machines. 

Despite the close timing of these two disruptive events, Tiffany Justice, Director of Campus Safety, said that her department has not yet identified a connection between them. 

Justice, who has been working in Campus safety since 2017, believes that “there is no evidence that supports deliberate fire alarms have ever been set off in any campus building, during any of the years [she has] been on Goucher’s campus.” 

Rory (he/him) is News Editor for The Quindecim. He is a junior and Professional and Creative Writing Major, with a minor in History. Rory is from Amherst, MA and a graduate of Academy at Charlemont. He has 15 months of professional writing experience, and often writes short stories in his free time. He enjoys acting occasionally, having done theater in high school, and taking part in the Improv Club at Goucher. Rory is also an avid global traveller, and has been to all seven continents, including Antarctica!!!!

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