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Sweet ice that grows in my heart,

Let your sadness be thawed,

Let your sweet Sappho song breathe to me

Allow my words to flow freely

As I slip into the sweet lavender scent

May your strawberry coated lips echo those words

Which flow from my mind and heart into your soul

I hope it echoes there  

May your words never hold any restraint

May they reverberate in the fabric of life

Not as a miserable note

But as a sweet song of a lark

Kind little bird

Spread your wings

Fly wherever you feel free

Go to the lush green forests of meadow and dew

Sit upon the perch where waves crash over aged oak into the vast open sea

Feel the salt on your feathers

The moon on your back

Lovely little bird

Grow into a swan

Do not mourn me

But if you do return

If you find life upon the wind too dangerous

If you wish to return to my soft and gentle embrace

Let me wrap you up in cotton

Let me sing you sweet lullabies

Feed you sweet things

Let me kiss your scared wounds

Let the cuts in your heart fade

Let me help you throw your doors of opportunity wide open

So that you may feel free again

Sweet lovely graceful swan

I love you so.

I let you go.

Benji Gutsin is a senior. They are an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a History minor. They like to write short stories in their spare time and have been writing a novel that they hope to publish one day.

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