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WHAT WE KNOW: How Different Groups are Responding to Escalations in the Israel-Palestine Conflict (Part 2)

Featured Image: Flyers in the Mary Fisher lobby. PC: Mich Rouse ’24

By Cal Brown ’24 & Mich Rouse ’24

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On February 14th, 2024, an unknown group of students once again put up a poster display showcasing artwork in support of Palestinian liberation inside the Mary Fisher Dining Hall lobby, next to the Student Market.

While some posters were simply art pieces calling for a free Palestine, others featured more direct statements. One such poster, shown below, reads “$10,000,000 tax dollars are given to Israel every. Single. Day. Ask yourself “why?” Why the fuck do my taxes pay for Israeli healthcare and Palestinian genocide. You’ve been conditioned to think this is normal and it most certainly is not.” 

PC: Mich Rouse ’24

Another poster (shown below, to the right) from Jewish Voice for Peace said “Israelis and Palestinians. Two peoples, one future.”

PC: Mich Rouse ’24

This display seems to be in response to last month’s announcement by Goucher Hillel that they are organizing a trip to Israel this summer

Printouts (shown below) among the posters read:

“Amid Israel’s ongoing genocide against Palestine in Gaza, we Goucher students, stand opposed to the state of Israel’s violent regime and occupation, and therefore stand opposed to the organization of “Birthright” and study abroad programs to land occupied by Israel. It is our moral responsibility to denounce the so-called “Birthright” trip to a nation that claims to represent and protect all Jews while it carries out horrifying violence in the names of Jewish people and denies Palestinians the right to exist on or return to their indigenous homeland.

We say No to “Birthright” trips to land that is maliciously seized from native inhabitants because we believe Palestinians and all people should be free from settler colonialism and systemic oppression!

PC: Mich Rouse ’24

This is a developing news story. The Quindecim will provide updates as they arise.


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