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Van Meter Runway


Every time I walk down Van Meter highway, I see at least one person who is very well-dressed. So many people on our campus have such an artistic, deep, and personal sense of style, so I wanted to highlight some of the outfits I saw to understand more about everyone’s inspirations and feelings toward fashion. 

It’s getting colder and people have started to break out their coats and shift into cold-weather clothes. When I saw Bailey Devonish’s ‘25 snake print boots and fluffy coat, I was immediately drawn to the unique mix of textures. 

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Bailey: New York streetwear mostly. Also, a model I follow on Instagram; @aerincreer, Fran Fine from the sitcom The Nanny, and my mom! 

Do you have any recommendations regarding personal style? 

Bailey: Just being comfortable, not necessarily following trends or bandwagoning on trends. 

This colder weather has also brought along some very interesting layering and use of neutral tones, which I saw in Erica Manson’s ‘23 outfit. Their striped turtleneck under a brown button-down (which has beautiful embroidery not shown in the photo) was striking.  

What inspires you, and what inspired your outfit today? 

Erica: Usually Grandma-esque or like future 2000’s things inspire me, and I really like the color brown. I just want to wear what I want and try to curate a style that’s personal. That’s important to me because when I was younger, I couldn’t really style myself and I always felt I looked bad, so now I don’t feel that way. 

I also had the pleasure of interviewing a friend of mine who inspires me and the way I dress, Jackie Saboe ‘24. 

How would you describe your style in a sentence? 

Jackie: Things that comfort me. 

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Jackie: My sister.  

Do you have any recommendations for people who want to start cultivating their personal style? 

Jackie: Find what makes you comfortable and do that in weird ways. 

Bianca Rose Butterfly Clark-Lorich’s ‘26 outfit demonstrates a unique understanding of color. Their pink tights, teal top, and blue skirt, embellished with a belt and hair bow is a combination I would’ve never considered, but it just works.  

Do you have any style inspirations? 

Bianca: I think when I was younger, I used to try and emulate a lot of other people’s styles. But as I matured, I really grew into my own style. So, I think I would say that I’m my own inspiration. I try to express myself through my clothing. 

What are three words to describe your style? 

Bianca: Eclectic. Ethereal. Fae. 

You often put on very elaborate outfits, is there a process you go through or something you think about every time you get dressed? 

Bianca: I say this about everything in my life; I never do anything the same. So, I’ll make an outfit that I really love but I will never wear it another time because I won’t remember how to put it together, so every single time I dress it’s a new process. I let myself go on a little journey through my closet. 

Leila Mye ‘26 knows composition very well. Their combination of pants, brown leg warmers, and platform shoes create an eye-catching silhouette. I especially loved the attention to detail in this outfit, like a keychain attached to their belt with the letter L, probably for “Leila”.  

Do you have anything to say to your younger self regarding personal style 

Leila: I think I would tell little Leila to stop wearing f****** Towelling pants from Mini Boden just because you are insecure. Dress how you want to because it’s fun and exciting and nobody gives a f***. 

Is that also the advice you would give to other people wanting to dress? 

Leila: Yeah, you should do whatever you want. Because why do other people’s opinions matter? 

Do you see dressing as an art style? If so, how does your own art style influence the way that you dress? 

Leila: I have been sewing and doing costume design for all high school up until now. So going from making clothes to only being able to wear them has been very interesting, but less expressive. I’m trying to work on it. 

Someone who I often see on campus rocking an impressively specific and accessorized look is Liz Bernhardt ‘26. When you see their outfit, you say “Liz is so rock and roll”. When I saw their outfit, I was reminded of the saying that while some people say to take off one accessory before they leave the house, I recommend adding 5 more.  

It seems like this outfit has so much influence and is inspired by a lot of media and culture. Please tell me some of your influences. 

Liz: I’m really inspired by 70’s glam rock but also more edgy punk aspects. Lots of vintage fashion, which is something I really enjoy. 

Do you think the way that you dress affects the way that you feel, and how do you feel when you get dressed? 

Liz: I love getting dressed up, it’s my favorite part of the day. I love experimenting and picking out things and it just makes me feel good about myself when I walk out of the door.  

I understand that readers don’t often get homework at the end of an article, but I challenge you to wear something or dress in a way that is outside of your comfort zone every single day. It could be as simple as a belt or as big as a ball gown. Recently, I wore a skirt over my jeans which was out of my comfort zone, but it felt good to experiment and the truth is, nobody cares what you wear (except for me – if you want to be featured next time, contact me at

Images by Ben Lieblein

Ben '26 (they/them) is an American Studies Major and staff writer at The Quindecim from Beacon, New York. They are a graduate of Beacon High School and are interested in nature, fashion, writing, cooking, and exploring the world.

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