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Opinion: The Student Market is one of Goucher’s most active spots, so why is it closed so early?


Located in the heart of the Goucher community, the student market gives students an alternative to the dining hall on a campus without many food options. Being one of just three food sources at Goucher, the student market’s value is clear, which begs the question: Why is it being treated like an afterthought?

Over the summer, as part of the many changes made to Mary Fisher, the decision was made to cut the hours of the Student Market. To put this into perspective, when I first arrived at Goucher, the Market stayed open until 8pm. Those hours were ideal for students with varying schedules, allowing us to grab what we needed before, in between, or after classes. It’s a place full of activity and foot traffic, making it even more surprising to return to campus this year and discover that the hours had been reduced, with the market now closing at 5pm.

Understandably, this decision has not been met with widespread enthusiasm among the student body. Last year, the Market was a reliable dinner alternative for many. Now, with its early closure, the number of food options available on campus after 5pm goes from low to even lower. This places students with night classes, afternoon-heavy schedules, and especially athletes, in a difficult position, as they may not be able to get to the market before it closes. It also makes the dining hall the sole option for dinner, which is difficult considering Mary Fisher’s hit-and-miss nature.

In the broader context of society, 5pm may signal the end of the workday, but that’s far from the case on a college campus. In the life of a college student, there are still many hours between 5pm and the end of our “workday,” especially when classes run as late as 10:30pm, so it raises a valid question: Why shouldn’t the Student Market’s hours reflect that reality? It offers

options that no other place on campus provides, and students already utilize the dining hall and Alice’s until they close. So, why should the Market be the one to get the short end of the stick?

Recognizing the Student Market’s role on campus is an essential first step; despite not being a place where students spend a lot of time, it is one of the busiest spots at Goucher. The Grab-n- go offers a faster meal option, and the market’s assortment of snacks, drinks, and stations makes it a cornerstone in the Goucher community and should be treated as such.

Students clearly understand the value of the student market, which means it’s time for the administration to do the same. On a campus already short on food options and with tuition on the rise, actively limiting those options further is counterproductive, and the lack of transparency on this decision is even more frustrating. A decision like this with no student consultation or heads-up shows a lack of consideration for the inconvenience it causes us and only further displays the disconnect between Goucher’s student body and its administration.

At the very least, the Student Market’s old hours should be reinstated to close at 8pm. This way, students who don’t have time to go to the dining hall or aren’t feeling the food that day can have a reliable alternative. I urge the administration to recognize the value of the Student Market and take action to ensure that it remains a foundation of the Goucher community.

This QR code links to a petition to change the student market hours! Scan it! 

By Theo Efron ‘26

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