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I glance up the stairs

Are you busy today?

I need me a plate of your sweet embrace


I await YOU.


I creep in line for your irresistible spice

Will you give me a chance?

I grab me a dish for you to fill


I await YOU.


I think of the possibilities

If you were mine and I was yours

I know you can be mine.


I await YOU.


I worry.

Is the line to get you too long?


I panic.

Will you ever emerge from your dome of steel?


I fret.

Will you not come back to me?


I wish time would move faster,

For I want you in my arms right now.


I wish you would finish your sizzling,

For my mouth waters with thoughts of devouring you.


Give me your onions and peppers, green and red.

Give me your spinach, your mushrooms, your heart and soul.


I await YOU.


I’ll be the old if you’ll be the bay

I’ll hold your hand if you lead the way

I’ll be the stir if you’ll be the fry


I await YOU.



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