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Goucher Debuts 21st Annual Student Art Showcase


The 21st-Annual Goucher College Student Art Showcase debuted this week in the Rosenberg Gallery, displaying the hard work and endless creativity of the Goucher College studentry. From silent films to stained glass, the new exhibit contains a wide range of mediums, both traditional and nontraditional. With 75 artists featured, this year’s showcase is an extensive look at the diverse and exciting culture of artistic expression at Goucher.

Upon entering the exhibit, viewers are greeted by a vibrantly-colored, three-headed humanoid creature floating next to the gallery title, a pencil on paper illustration by Shahadah Tobias. The three heads each don a different expression, a fitting introduction to the wide array of emotions that onlookers will experience while walking through the showcase. On the same wall is a television monitor that loops through six different student films, including the aforementioned silent film, as well as music videos, animations, and an overdubbed scene from the FOX comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine (a piece that is much better seen in person than described in writing). 

The rest of the showcase does not fail to impress, with highlights such as the photorealistic watercolor paintings of Hannah Kraenbring, the wearable cloth works by Robert Graham and Bel Rosenthal, and the handmade Scooby Doo and KAWS rugs by Mark Martin. 

Of course, this is only scratching the surface of the talent exhibited in this year’s showcase. To cover all of it in one article would not only take pages and pages, but it would also do a disservice to the artists whose work should be seen in person to truly appreciate and experience it. If you want to support Goucher students, seeing this year’s Student Art Showcase is a must. It not only gives one an opportunity to see their peers’ hard work on display, but it also promotes the artistic culture of Goucher College that made it the school it is today. Those are causes that are always worth supporting. 

The Open Reception for the 21st Annual Student Art Showcase is Thursday, April 27th from 6-8pm. Over 100 students submitted work, which was first judged by Goucher’s Studio Art faculty. Baltimore based artist and educator Christina McCleary is this year’s juror who will award the first, second, and third place prizes. You can find the showcase in the Rosenberg Gallery in the Dorsey College Center.

Luke (he/him) is the A&E Editor for The Quindecim. He is a first-year student intending on majoring in Political Science and currently volunteering with the Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP). Luke is from Winchester, MA and a graduate of Winchester High School. In his free time, Luke enjoys acting in both theater and film and filmmaking, and is interested in the arts, fashion, Marxist politics, and music.

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