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Happy birthday, Taurus! My gift to you? Permission to leap out of your comfort zone. If anyone knows how secure it feels to have a routine, it’s you. But remember, being uncomfortable doesn’t mean you’re unsafe. Don’t be scared if you feel like you’re falling at first; you will soar.


You have so many ideas and wishes right now that it may be hard to keep up. The dizziness is natural (and you’re used to it), but keep your sights on what really matters — you know exactly what you want and need.


All those big, unanswered questions you’re asking have been weighing heavier than usual. Last month’s Mercury retrograde definitely didn’t help in your search for clarity. Take solace in that fact that many of those questions will be answered (some very soon!). Keep working to let go of the ones that will never be.


All of your current efforts may feel like dead ends right now, and maybe they have for a little while now. Take this season to pause, reassess, and remember how spectacular you are (despite everything that’s telling you otherwise). You won’t be stuck much longer.


Sometimes it’s easier to run and hide from your truth. This is especially tempting now with Mars in Gemini making life feel busier than usual for you. Remember, there’s healing in honesty.


Don’t shy away from or feel guilty about the confidence you’ve been feeling lately. Instead, revel in it. Cultivate it. It’s yours. Celebrate who you are.


There’s so much power in the company of those you love, both for them and for you. Harness the intensity of your motivation to work towards your goals and dreams, but remember to nurture yourself by being around others, too.


Remember that only you can define yourself. Keep working to (re)create yourself, despite anyone who tries to put you into a box they feel like you should fit in. Find strength in the person you’re working on becoming.


Don’t spend your time trying to disappear; it won’t give you the comfort you’ve been looking for. Instead, be present and show up for yourself and for others. By the way, Venus just entered Aries. Call (or text; it is 2019, after all) the person you’ve been missing.


Life since January has been bursting with new experiences, some of which have ignited radical changes in your inner world. Now, those fireworks that have been exploding in your life are finally starting to slow and fade. Keep processing, keep healing.


Aries season was full of revelations for you, and of course, plenty of reactions and feelings to go with them. Even if understanding it all has been difficult, everything will become clearer with the steadiness of Taurus season.


Whether you felt powerful or pained during your season, you’re in luck — a gentle and positive energy is coming your way. Share that beauty with others! Expect life to soften over the next few weeks.

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Skyler Aikerson is a Psychology major and Professional Writing minor. She has written for In These Times, Baltimore magazine, The Quindecim, and Phluff. She has worked as a copy editor for The Quindecim, the poetry editor for Horizons, Waubonsee Community College’s literary journal, and as a senior editor for Verge, Goucher College’s journal of undergraduate writing.

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