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Film Club Revived at Goucher


After considerable interest and inquiry, Goucher’s student Film Club is now an official campus group. Before the Goucher College website’s page for clubs and organizations rerouted to the CampusGroups page, there were several clubs being advertised that are not presently active on campus. For example, the website used to display that Goucher had an acapella group, even though no such organization exists at the moment. Another dormant but frequently asked-about club is Goucher Radio, although efforts are reportedly in the works to set up an online network that would bring it back. Film Club used to be one of these ‘dead’ groups. 

Despite previous uncertainty surrounding its renewal, Goucher College Film Club has finally established itself through CampusGroups, and is now accepting new members. Film Club aims to be an approachable, fun, and thoughtful group in which students who enjoy cinema can gather for viewing, discussion, and snacks. The club plans to meet once a month for a monthly viewing, and intends to screen a mix of more familiar titles as well as foreign language films and smaller productions. 

The Film Club’s president, Heather McCormack, says about her personal involvement in the organization, “I started Film Club simply because I’m passionate about movies honestly, and I wanted a space where people can not only enjoy movies but appreciate them as an art form.” 

The group’s inaugural meeting will be December 6th at 9pm in the Batza Room. The movie that will be shown will be John Carpenter’s 1982 science fiction horror film The Thing. Any interested students are encouraged to attend. 

By Sam Rose ’26

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