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Athlete to Watch: Josh Lichti


As autumn ends, Josh Lichti finds himself starting something: his final season as a member of the Goucher Men’s Basketball team. Lichti is a linchpin for the team– he’s started every game of every season during his career here at Goucher. This is not without reason.  

Last season, he averaged 9.4 points and 3.8 rebounds per game, establishing himself as a player with regularly solid stats. Lichti is currently shooting 35.7% in field goals, and is 100% from the free throw line. Last season, his three-point percentage was 39.7%, which is roughly equal to that of NBA star Steph Curry.

However, according to head coach Tom Rose, the main reason Lichti is always on the court isn’t due to his rebounding abilities, or even his high shooting averages. 

“The most important thing is that his teammates and coaches know they can count on him,” said Rose. 

With such an impressive record, it would be easy to imagine Lichti getting an inflated ego. But Lichti remains humble. 

“I’m just trying to use my experience to help lead some of the younger players,” he said, “As a senior, I have been through a lot, so I try to use that experience to help the team. But obviously there are a lot of other people that help to lead the team as well.” 

People involved in the team back up Lichti’s statement, describing his leadership style as “quiet, determined, and steady.” 

Rose said that Lichti “has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches through his competitive effort in practice and games over his career.”

Off the court, Lichti has a high GPA and is majoring in psychology. Covid cost him his sophomore season, meaning that despite being a senior academically, he holds junior NCAA eligibility. With such a gold plated career at Goucher, one might expect that Lichti would use that extra year of eligibility status to continue to play here. But he quickly put those rumors to bed. 

“I don’t have plans finalized for next year, but I will be graduating in the spring and have been treating this season like my last,” he said. 

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Reese (she/her) is the Sports Section Editor at the Quindecim and a sophomore History major. She is from Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Grapevine High School. Reese is a distance runner on the varsity track and cross country team. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running and rock & roll.

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