100 Word Autobiography: Elias Rosner


Your friendly neighborhood editor returns, true believers. In subsequent issues, this section will (hopefully) be filled with stories from all of you. You may choose to submit anonymously but please let us know in advance. Also, while you may go over 100 words, please try to keep the word count close.

I’ve always been a surprisingly clumsy person. You might not figure that from my ability to weave in and out of crowds but it’s true. One time, this must’ve been back in 2nd grade because it was before the divorce, I was playing on the slide at my school, all set to go down. I looked over the side to see if anyone was at the bottom, and then moments later, found myself face first on the ground, my hair and mouth filled with wood chips, the indent in my chest aching deeply (for years I thought that it was from the fall). Thankfully, aside from a soreness that went away in a couple hours, I was fine.
Elias Rosner

Elias Rosner is a Senior English/Creative Writing Major here at Goucher. When he's not stalking the Goucher woods seeking serenity, he's writing feverishly in the hopes something interesting will be said. He's always on the lookout for a good puzzle or story and is still not used to writing about himself in the third person.

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