What Q staffers are doing to get through finals


We asked our staff to tell us how they are coping during such a busy time. Here’s what they had to say!

Amita: Cleaning my room to destress, watching some of my favorite Christmas movies (The Polar Express, Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, and Falling for Christmas), and drinking lots of iced chais from Alice’s to try and use all my dining dollars!

Reese: I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to plan out your day. Make sure to schedule in time to get meals, study for finals, and decompress – balance is key! Don’t be afraid to multitask – while you eat lunch, do that reading assignment. 

When I get stressed, I like to go on a walk. The neighborhood behind the college is super walkable, and has tons of festive decorations to boost my holiday cheer. Put in your headphones and listen to your favorite jams! The fresh air helps boost cognition and soothe the nervous system, so when you get back, you’ll be feeling both energized, and more in control. 

Alana: When I get stressed from doing my work, I have been watching my comfort show, Gilmore Girls. I usually do this after studying for a couple hours. I say give yourself study breaks and reward yourself after studying. 

Dom: I’ve been giving myself study breaks and downtime by watching Once Upon a Time and playing Webkinz for some heart-warming childhood nostalgia. I also drink a lot of the Rise London Fogs that they sell in the student market to try and use up all my dining dollars before the semester ends. For my style of learning and studying, I find taking breaks to be really important. 

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