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The 2022 College Student Gift Guide


It’s the 2022 Holiday Season! Here are 8 gifts under $50 for specific personality types.

For the reader: 

Book of The Month by Boxie – $49.99 (3 month subscription)

Book of The Month is the gift that keeps on giving (for three months, that is).

For the studier: 

The “Joy” Planner from Papier – $32

This adorable pocket sized planner will make it easy to plan assignments and study dates all in one place.Joy planners also have pages for mindful journaling for your spiritual friends. Pair this gift with high quality gel pens for a full gift under $50!

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For the WFH crew:

Digital mug warmer from Amazon – $25

Take your pick from hundreds of mug warmers with varying color varieties and temperature controls to fit whatever needs. Perfect for those of us who hunker down at a desk for a few hours without moving. 

For the daily “hot girl walker”:

“Hazel” crossbody bag by ThreadWallet – $40

Throw in your airpods, sunscreen, cell phone, etc and you’re on your way. Wear as a backpack, crossbody or fanny pack. 

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For the gamers:

Charging station – < $44

Charging docks for Playstation, Xbox, Switch, etc are a relatively inexpensive and convenient gift for gamers.  

For curly crowns:

Original Anti-Acne Silk Pillowcase by Comfy Bedsheets – $19

This gift isn’t specifically limited to people with curly hair, but silk pillowcases are a good gift for your curly friends. They work wonders at decreasing frizz and keeping your curl pattern tight. 

For your furry friend:

Custom pet portraits from Etsy – < $40

Simply send in a picture of a pet to your choice of artist on Etsy for a custom version of your furry friend in period clothing for a super cute crowd pleaser gift. 

For the cinephile: 

Cinephile: A card game – $20

This one’s a no brainer, fun for both you and your gift recipient.

Written by Nia Anthony ’24


Nia (she/her) is a junior and Opinion Editor at The Q. She is an International Relations Major from Millersville, MD. Outside of The Q, she is a choreographer for the Goucher Dancers of Color Coalition (DOCC) and a singer for the Goucher Choral Society. She has had work published in the Maryland Theatrical Guide and was the former Opinion Editor for the Elm. Nia currently works for Warby Parker and has a podcast called Wisegal Podcast (@wisegapod on Instagram).

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