Public Safety Blotter (Nov. 4th -Nov. 17th)


The Quindecim is granted access to information about violations of the Goucher College Code of Conduct and Academic Honor code. The information is compiled by Andrew Wu, Goucher’s Associate Dean of Students for Student Development. This report is comprised of incidents that occur during the two weeks leading up to each issue of The Quindecim.

• Student found in residence allegedly smoking marijuana. Public Safety confiscated drug paraphernalia and alcohol
• Four students removed from Gala for alcohol/drug violations
• Two students found hosting a party with alcohol, drinking games, and a rapid consumption device in PSelz
• Three students implicated in possession/use of marijuana, room searches yielded marijuana and paraphernalia
• Two underage students found in possession of alcohol in Alcock
• Two students found in Meyerhoff studio during possible drug incident, no drugs or paraphernalia found
Fire Safety
• Accidental fire alarms in Bennett, SRC x2, Hoffberger
• Pulled fire alarm in Wagner
• Three students implicated in incident in Winslow involving fire extinguisher discharge
• Student and guest found burning incense in residence in Dulaney
• Students found burning candle in Bennett
• Graduate student submitted statements alleging harassment in the Ath
Injury /Medical Emergency
• Two students transported to the hospital for alcohol intoxication
• Staff member transported to the hospital for medical concern
• Student transported to hospital for medical concern
• Visiting Ultimate Frisbee player injured during tournament on campus
• Two students transported to hospital for mental health concerns
• Student reported attempted room break-in in Conner
• Picture taken from PSelz lobby
Vehicle Incident
• Minor accident in South Lot
• Hit and run incident in SRC parking lot
• Wet cement on new accessibility ramp vandalized, causing hazards for individuals using the ramp – repairs required
• Office vandalized in Julia Rogers
• Unusual mess and damage left in Pinkard
• Hate graffiti found in Hooper bathroom, BCPD called and responded
• Entrance gate to Public Safety parking broken
• Two students found accessing classroom in Julia Rogers without permission
• BCPD conducted search for unaffiliated individual in woods, person located and all-clear issued
• Anonymous report of a threat of harm to on-campus animal
• Biohazard reported in PSelz

• Student found responsible for Theft/Damage to Property, Unauthorized Entry, Violation of College Policy (repeated parking violations) – suspended for the remainder of the fall 2017 semester, prohibited from returning to on-campus housing until fall 2018, full payment of parking fines and restitution for damage to Public Safety property, immediate parent notification, warning that vehicle privileges will be revoked for any future parking violations – Student appealed decision, upheld by Appeals Board
• Student found responsible for possession of marijuana (under 10g) – issued educational sanction, parent notification, $50 fine
• Two students found responsible for underage possession of alcohol – issued formal warnings
• Student found responsible for disorderly conduct – issued formal warning
• Two students found responsible for fire safety violations and disorderly conduct – issued $250 fines and formal warnings
• Student found responsible for providing alcohol to underage students – issued educational sanction, $50 fine, parent notification
• Two students found responsible for underage possession of alcohol, drinking games, and an alcohol-related social host violation – issued educational sanctions, $50 fines, parent notifications

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