Part 1: Grilled Cheese


Welcome, intrepid readers. Today, I present to you the first part in, what I have been told, is known as the “Sandwich Saga.” It is a tale sure to delight and to tantalize the tongue – tis’ the seasoning after all.

The knife rubs against the grains of the bread, working the butter gently, yet diligently into every crevice. It’s a procedure. One that could end up fatal if the pressure on the knife was too hard. Ripping the bread would be disastrous for the operation. The butter is soft, filling each microscopic hole in the white bread. The heat coming from the hand holding the slice begins to slowly melt the churned dairy product, though not enough for it to start getting messy. It’s just enough for the delicious flavor to seep into the wheat delicacy. Though it is not one of expense, the bread serves as an important foundation for what is to come next. For, like a house, the foundation holds everything together. Without it, everything would fall apart. Butter side down, the bread is pressed gingerly onto a hot skillet. It hisses at the contact, the heat of the pan working the butter further into the bread in order to leave a caramelized finish.

The next part is one of the utmost importance: the cheese. Without cheese, the meal is nothing but toast. With an array of different kinds, it is impossible to not come up with a diverse and new experience. This time, however, it is back to the basics, back to what has been always known. Though sometimes sharp in character, cheddar cheese is the perfect partner for the buttery, caramelized bread. Like fine wine, the older the cheddar the better. Slices of pale yellow sit gently a top of the warming bread, a thin layer of moisture raising to the top as the cheese beings the slow process of melting. The top slice of bread is placed on top, waiting to be flipped over and join the other slice in the bliss of turning golden brown. It is a waiting game now: one that, when complete, will produce one of the finest experiences of all time.

The pinnacle of all sandwiches. One so simple, and yet it is possibly the most desired article of food in the world. How can one so modest hold layer after layer of flavor? It is Grilled Cheese of House Delicious, the First of It’s Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Cheeses and the Many Breads, Khaleesi of the Great Buttered Skillet, Protector of the Lunch, Lady Regnant of the One Stomach, Breaker of Hunger and Mother of Sandwiches.

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