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Mary Fisher Food Review


The start of the second semester marks the reset of meal plans for most Goucher students. This week, I took myself to Mary Fisher and strung along my mom and partner for some unbiased opinions to decide what’s worth the swipe this semester. 

Worth The Swipe 

1. The bowls at Explore. There’s a reason why a line forms every day at Explore during the lunch hour on campus, who are we to argue with near-routine perfection? Whether it’s curry or stir fry, the bowls at Explore are always warm, consistent, and filling. The toppings bar was the icing on the cake for my guests, with the chili oil and kimchi being the standout accouterments. 

2. The veggie pizza at Fire. At the expense of making a joke about how “fire” this pizza is, I’ll quote my mother – a vegetable pizza connoisseur. After taking her first bite, she stated “wow, actually…it’s really good.” With that said, the veggie pizza at Fire is a great staple in the dining hall and sets a good example for college dining hall pizzas everywhere. 

3. The salad bar at Season. As odd as it may seem my guests were most taken with the salad bar, my hidden gem favorite if I need something light between classes. As college students, we sometimes neglect our necessary vegetable intake. The salad bar at Season is the perfect way to pack your veggies in, with loads of options and tasty dressings, it’s a favorite for a reason. 

Save Your Swipe 

1. The lemon and sage roasted chicken, Nosh. This chicken has given me food poisoning before, but anecdotal evidence aside, the lemon and sage chicken at Nosh doesn’t taste much like either lemon or sage. You’re better off with the traditional chicken breast at Nosh, dressed up with the sauce of your choosing. 

2. The dessert bar. When I first arrived at Goucher, I was impressed by the huge rice crispy treats, massive cookie bar, and rotational brownies on deck at the dessert table upstairs in Mary Fisher. However, because of the environment, the desserts tend to be dry, sometimes stale, and tasteless. I had my guests peruse the table, and they were overall unimpressed, even though “everything looks pretty,” according to my partner. That being said, you can almost never go wrong with the ice cream selection for your sweet tooth cravings. 

3. The mushroom sauce at CHAR. The mushroom sauce is a pretty consistent part of the pasta station at CHAR. Usually, it’s put on top of an al dente Barilla penne pasta, and the verdict from my guests and I; it’s just okay. The mushrooms get lost in the cream, you’re better off with a traditional alfredo if you’re craving some dairy on your noodles. 

Hit Or Miss

  1. The Turkey burger at Char. Honestly, this is one of my favorites, however, it’s a toss-up on the consistency of seasoning and how dry the patty might be on any given day. My advice is to exercise caution, but if you’re craving a healthier meat option, this is a good one. 
  2. The soups at Stock. Sometimes they are amazing, sometimes, not so much. The soups at stock often suffer from not being warm enough, and if that’s the biggest fault, I’ll take it. 
  3. The seasoned curly fries at Char. I wholly appreciate the variety of potatoes in Mary Fisher on any given day. The curly fries are a staple in my on-campus diet and I don’t see that changing soon. To my guests, they were “just ok”. Like the soups at stock, they aren’t always hot, and I’ve gotten the occasional undercooked/overcooked fry now and then. 

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Nia (she/her) is a junior and Opinion Editor at The Q. She is an International Relations Major from Millersville, MD. Outside of The Q, she is a choreographer for the Goucher Dancers of Color Coalition (DOCC) and a singer for the Goucher Choral Society. She has had work published in the Maryland Theatrical Guide and was the former Opinion Editor for the Elm. Nia currently works for Warby Parker and has a podcast called Wisegal Podcast (@wisegapod on Instagram).

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