Inside the Bubble: A Collection of Goucher News



  • A much-loved member of the Goucher community, David Heffer announced his resignation as Director of Public Safety to purse a job opportunity in another state. Arriving from George Washington University in Washington D.C. in 2015, Heffer has since cultivated a close relationship with the student body, teaching self-defense lessons and overseeing the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) team.
    Goucher 1021 Hip Hop Team performs at Umoja Talent. Show PC: Jibril Howard

    However, a low-point of his tenure at Goucher came last year when a hate crime directed towards black students rocked the campus. The hate crime sparked a series of protests which called for better campus safety and a first-year class on cultural competency. Heffer leaves the Goucher community in good standing and with the best wishes of many Goucher students.

  • The Goucher Consent Coalition, a student organization dedicated to ending rape culture on college campuses, is sponsoring an art exhibition calling for Title IX reform. Organized by senior Kennedy Buttefield ’20 the art exhibition calls for performance, visual, and art submissions focusing on sexual assault at Goucher. The event is scheduled for the Hyman Forum towards the end of October.
  • Responding to calls for greater student advocacy in sexual assault cases, the Title IX office has announced the creation of a victim and survivor advocacy program. Held from 5:00 PM to 7:00
    Paige Beverly ’22 performs at Umoja Talent Show. PC: Jibril Howard

    PM, victims and survivors of sexual assault can speak in confidentiality to members of Goucher Post-Baccalaureate program.

  • At the beginning of the Fall semester, David Friendlich was appointed the new General Manager of Bon Appetit, overseeing dining services in the Mary Fisher dining hall, the Student Market, and Alice’s. He takes over following the departure of long-serving Norman Zwagil at the end of last semester.
  • During Common Hour (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM) on Wednesday, September 25th Goucher held it’s first Information Exchange event on Van Meter Highway. Created by junior Sam Anderson ’21, the Idea Exchange hosted tables and provided an open mic to groups, offices, and clubs from across campus. According to Anderson,

“The purpose [of the Exchange] was and is to facilitate a marketplace of ideas where people from across the campus community, staff, faculty, and students, would come together to share and workshop ideas with others. We have drifted over the decades since the 1960s…The Exchange places a whole lot of information in one place for easy consumption and the environment of the space encourages taking that information and turning it into action.”

The next Idea Exchange will take place during Common Hour October 23rd. Persons  interested in reserving a space at the exchange can contact Anderson at

  • From October 4th through 6th Goucher hosted student’s family and friends for Family Weekend. Highlights of weekend included a speech from President Devereaux, the Annual Goucher Crabfeast, and Umoja’s Annual Talent Show. The lineup at Umoja’s talent show included performances from Paige Beverly ’20, the 1021 Hip Hop Team, Eudel Ndong ’22, Nae Jefferies ’20, Mafereh Kabay ’20 and the Ganem Gophers.

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