Hidden Places on Campus


We all have places around campus that we enjoy to hide out in and be by ourselves. Many times, I don’t like to share where I am with friends when I’m in one of my hidden places, usually because I worry that they will take the spot from me. However, I want to share some of these spaces with you so you can experience the same joy that they have provided for me.

Go to the bottom floor of the library and sit at one of the desks by the windows. Now, be sure to use one of the big blue comfy chairs because who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair? The bottom floor always seems to be one of the more quiet, non-quiet floor, floors. Easy to get work done, not many people can find you, and it’s fun to watch the rain/snow fall when it comes to that time of the year.

As mentioned in a previous article, there is a labyrinth between Bacon and the Chapel, right off of Van Meter. It’s secluded enough where, when you sit there, no one can find you. It’s a nice place to go to if you’re having a stressful day and just want to be surrounded by flowers and bushes.

My next favorite place is the swing down past Stimson and the South Lot. Keep going down the path, and you will be greeted by a swing in an open space. I swung on it during the first snowfall of the season and can honestly say that that may have been one of my happiest moments there. If you keep going down the path, there will be a path to your left and if you go through it, you will end up in the old equestrian field! Then, from there, you can relax in another favorite spot of mine.

Goucher College Library. Photo Credit: The Chronicle of Higher Education VIA Google Images

My last favorite place is the old equestrian field. On any nice, or at least decently warm day, it’s a great place to lay out on a blanket and either do some art or bring homework that does not require the use of WiFi and be somewhat productive. Yes, many people may think “well, everyone knows about the old equestrian field.” However, there are certain parts that are hidden from people just walking around — you will have to find those on your own! One of these is further back, closer to the track field because there is less through traffic. You can even walk along a path that goes deeper into the woods and will lead you to a creek. Be sure to bring your hammock with you as well because it’s a great place to hammock.

So, here you have it, some of the spots on campus to hide away and be alone for a little bit. Yes, it is always good to go out and socialize, but it’s also a good idea to take some time for yourself. Why not spend this time out in nature in the old equestrian field? I did not share all of my favorite places; those will have to wait for another time.

Juliana Block is a sophomore from San Francisco, California, and is a Communications and Media Studies major. She runs the social media part of the Q and is a writer as well. She participates in dance on campus and is an avid hammocker (when the weather is not too hot of course). One of her biggest loves is photography, so be sure to keep an eye out for her taking pictures! This is her second semester writing for the Q.

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