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Goucher Track and Field Team Shatters Seven Records in Remarkable Performance


In a top display of athleticism and determination, the Goucher College Track and Field team left a resounding mark at their latest meet at the 168th Street Armory in New York City on December 2nd by breaking seven records in a single meet.

1. Tanise Thornton-Fillyaw’s Historic 600-Meter Run: Sophomore Tanise Thornton-Fillyaw delivered an extraordinary performance, clocking the third-fastest 600-meter time in Division III history with an impressive 1:33.87. Her remarkable feat showcased her talent and earned her Landmark Women’s Indoor Track Athlete Of The Week.

2. Thornton-Fillyaw’s Milestone in the Indoor Mile:  Thornton-Fillyaw continued to etch her name in the Goucher College Track and Field record books by setting a program record in the indoor mile. Crossing the finish line in fifth place with an impressive time of 5:19.27, she topped the previous record of 5:30.44, which had stood since 2011 and was set by Katherine Currier. Thornton-Fillyaw’s achievement in the indoor mile further solidified her status as a versatile and dominant force within the team.

3. Precious Enow’s Record-Breaking 300-Meter Sprint: Another standout moment came from sophomore Precious Enow, who set a school and landmark conference record in the women’s 300 meters. With her lightning-fast time of 42.32 seconds, she shattered the previous record of 43.58 seconds.

4. Pani Marousis’s Program-Defying 600-Meter Run: Freshman Pani Marousis added to the record-breaking spree by setting a new program record in the men’s 600 meters. His time of 1:25.86 eclipsed the previous record of 1:29.15, set in 2010, underlining the promising talent emerging within the Goucher Track and Field team.

5. Sean Whitfield’s Record-Breaking 1000-Meter Run: Senior Sean Whitfield showcased his experience and skill by setting a new men’s 1000-meter school record. Clocking in at 2:43.14, Whitfield secured a seventh-place finish and surpassed the old record of 2:50.04, previously held by Adam Scipione since 2007.

6. Aidan Kress’s Triple Jump Triumph: First-year Aidan Kress also had a top performance, posting a school-record mark of 12.63 meters in the triple jump. His achievement edged out the previous record of 12.62 meters.

7. Men’s 4×400 Relay Team’s Triumph: The men’s 4×400 relay squad, consisting of Jay Briston ‘27, Marousis ’27, Whitfield ’24, and AJ Landy ‘27, secured a third-place finish while setting a school-record time of 3:32.10. This impressive performance bettered the old mark of 3:36.04 set in 2012.

Goucher College’s Track and Field team’s exceptional accomplishments in this meet reflect individual brilliance and highlight the team’s collective strength and determination. As they continue to rewrite the record books, the Goucher tfxc team is significantly impacting the track and field landscape more than ever before.

You can follow them on IG @Gouchertfxc

And on the Official Goucher athletics website.

By Theo Efron ’26

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