Fiction: A Brief Moment


Time tells tales that somewhere in its waves lies hidden a city that discovered the secret to perfection. In this city, there is no death and no illness, as the flaws of the flesh have no hold here. There is no pain and suffering, for such human failings are long forgotten. In this city, no one sleeps, no one lacks, and no one loses hope. Its people wander the streets, mesmerized by the pursuit of the abstract. At the center of the city is a tower, and at the top of the tower lives the most beautiful princess who will ever be. She paints, as she has forever, a small canvas, depicting a light in the dark. The princess paints one final stroke, and leans back to examine her masterpiece: the essence of life. And in that moment, with one final tear on her cheek, she is gone, with her city and its people, for their purpose is done.

Untitled by Talia Military

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