5 Places to See in Norwich


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Developing a bond to the place where you are studying is part of the study abroad experience. This particularly happens in a semester long program, where you build your life for about 5 months around the people near you and the places closest to you. As two students who studied at the University of East Anglia, both of us developed a love for the city of Norwich, which is located just outside the university. This old medieval town has a rich literary history with a modern edge. If you ever find yourself in or near Norwich (which is only a two hour train ride from London), be sure to check these places out!


A traditional Japanese restaurant off of Tombland, Shiki has some of the best food in all of Norwich. Although it can be a bit expensive depending on what you order (about £5 for 6 pieces of sushi, £22 for a bento box), the quality of the food and the service makes the prices worth it. If you’re in Norwich and looking for a quality sit-down meal or a break from the typical pub food, check out Shiki and try their Tonkatsu Curry (curry being an “English” addition), or grab an onigiri to go.


Tombland Books

Off of a lane of the same name, Tombland Books was my go-to used bookstore in Norwich. This bookshop, comprised of two floors, has the classic feel of a used bookstore — extra lines of books because there isn’t shelf space, that mix of wood and old book smell, and also some incredibly beautiful and slightly unique books. There are plenty of bookshops in Norwich that deserve a visit, such as City Bookshop, The Book Hive, and Dormouse, but the lack of claustrophobic spaces, in addition to its extensive collection of beautiful, well-kept, used books makes it a bookshop not to miss.

St. Gregory’s Antiques and Collectibles

One of many old stone churches, St. Gregory’s has long since left the religious life. Instead, it has been transformed into an antiques and collectables market. You never know exactly what you’ll find, from old clothes to knitting needles, from maps to music records and quirky tins. Just remember to bring cash with you; they don’t accept any cards.

Oh So Sweet

Oh So Sweet is essentially a combination of the candy shop from Willy Wonka with British sweets. Walls lined from floor to ceiling with colorful hues and confections of every imaginable type, from spicy to chewy and chocolates galore — every sweet tooth in Norwich would be remiss to overlook this sweet treat of a shop

Loft and Flaunt

Both Loft and Flaunt were the places to be when attending UEA. With their continuous seductive energy and cheap, yet surprisingly good alcohol (which is legal to consume while abroad), they were the best places to go whenever students needed to let out a little steam. Music blaring, hormones raging, and admission cheap (Flaunt: free admission; Loft: three pounds per person or about six dollars), it was easy to see why everyone loved going there, even on school nights!



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