Photo credit: Sarah Dreyfus

“Ninth month, feels like june,”

your goose coat, fixed-gear bike stops.

What’s under that skin?


Covertly shielding

tampon squeezes, oozes through.

Do you see me bleed?


Burnt leaves, frosted pond.

Bill flaps, splash; platypus sinks…

is it you who’s brave?

Sarah Dreyfus is the youngest of three from Brookline, Ma. She has a 30 year old brother, and a 29 year old sister who helped raise her and who are super important to her. For the fanatics, Sarah is a gemini, pisces moon, and a leo rising. She is a sophomore here at Goucher College and hasn’t declared a major yet, though she is a passionate member of her philosophy and writing classes this semester. Music has been a huge part of Sarah’s life and she is happily fueling that love at school- she sings in the jazz ensemble, plays bass in Little Gunpowder (a Goucher "indie-fuzz" band), and has at least one dance party a weekend with friends. Sarah is grateful for her literacy because it has provided her with a productive outlet- to explore the ways in which she can manipulate her voice depending on what she writes, explore her crazy pisces emotions, and has pushed her to advocate confidently for what she believes in (something she is presently working on in the writing context, but also a growing woman in the world). She hopes that everyone is able to find a medium or outlet where they can (at least attempt to) free themselves- but also be challenged to explore compassion, gain new perspective about the world, and inevitably about themselves.

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