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The Webcomics Vacuum

The Webcomics Vacuum Webcomics are amazing medium, filled will all sorts of experimentation, talent and a diversity of stories, people, and topics … Keep Reading

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Future in the Star Wars Franchise

Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been asking a multitude of questions. Is Finn ‘force sensitive’? Who are Rey’s parents? Should Kylo Ren have a redemption arc? What was the deal with the Obi-Wan Kenobi voice-over in Rey’s Force-driven flashback? When The Last Jedi trailer arrived, there were more questions:… Keep Reading

Finding Kesha’s Rainbow

Most of us are familiar with Ke$ha, the pop star whose voice was drowned in auto-tuned songs like “Tik Tok”, “Your Love Is My Drug”, and “Die Young”. In more recent years, Kesha has had very public legal battles with her producer, Dr. Luke, beginning in October 2014 when she filed a civil suit against… Keep Reading

Public Safety Incident Reports September 9, 2017- September 22, 2017

Alcohol/Drug   Party broken up in Dulaney – underage alcohol use Students found in possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana, alcohol, and tampered fire equipment in Lewis, BCPD called in. Six students found in possession of marijuana and prescription drugs on Van Meter lawn Possible drug deal reported near pond, no suspects identified Fire Safety Accidental… Keep Reading

CERT: A Team That’s There To Help

After all the recent natural disasters, you might be wondering–what is Goucher doing to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies? And what can I, here at Goucher, do to help? One possible answer is CERT. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is a group of trained volunteers who have the knowledge and… Keep Reading

Goucher Poll Fall 2017

The first iteration of the bi-annual Goucher Poll concluded last week and the results were released over the course of the last several days. The poll, which is conducted out of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center by Dr. Mileah Kromer, asked Maryland residents for their opinions on a variety of statewide and national… Keep Reading


Every September, the Baltimore Humane Society hosts DogFest, their biggest annual fundraiser. People bring their dogs to participate in a dog walk and other festival activities, such as the Biggest Dog Contest, Best Dressed Contest, and more. Goucher’s Community Based Learning animal welfare program is partnered with the BHS, and they help out every year… Keep Reading

Dream Journal

They say that dreams are the gateway to the infinite, to the sublime, to our true cores. If so, then maybe the world is a little bit more strange than we think. So, record your dreams, as has been done below, and tell us what times you have seen gone by.   Nearly a week… Keep Reading

Part 1: Grilled Cheese

Welcome, intrepid readers. Today, I present to you the first part in, what I have been told, is known as the “Sandwich Saga.” It is a tale sure to delight and to tantalize the tongue – tis’ the seasoning after all. The knife rubs against the grains of the bread, working the butter gently, yet… Keep Reading

To Sleep, Perchance, To Dream: A short story

Note: Your friendly neighborhood editor here, just offering a warning. This story may get a bit intense. As this is the inaugural story, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer my warning. Otherwise, enjoy. A story, a short story about what’s real and what’s perceived. About the world around us and what it contains.… Keep Reading

100 Word Autobiography: Elias Rosner

Your friendly neighborhood editor returns, true believers. In subsequent issues, this section will (hopefully) be filled with stories from all of you. You may choose to submit anonymously but please let us know in advance. Also, while you may go over 100 words, please try to keep the word count close. I’ve always been a… Keep Reading

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