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The Webcomics Vacuum

The Webcomics Vacuum Webcomics are amazing medium, filled will all sorts of experimentation, talent and a diversity of stories, people, and topics … Keep Reading

Star Trek’s Return to Television

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery After a twelve-year television hiatus, Star Trek returned with a bang on September 24th, with new and old characters alike. Set roughly ten years before Star Trek:The Original Series, this fifteen-episode series tells the story of a cold war between the United Federations of Planets and the newly-united… Keep Reading

Goucher Pets: Bean the Sugar Glider

There are a variety of pets owned by Goucher students, and Bean the sugar glider is definitely one of the more exotic ones. Owned by Grey Cubbage ’19, Bean is a male sugar glider of the gray-faced variety, gray being the most standard coloration. He’s a little older than two years old and, according to… Keep Reading

Campus Resource Profile – ACE

When you ask students to describe the Academic Center for Excellence, or ACE as it’s more commonly referred to, there are a lot of common phrases that pop up. “Warm,” “comforting,” “friendly,” and referring to the center as “a second home” are typical. While ACE’s full title might conjure up images of test prep and… Keep Reading

The SPX Haul: Part 1

I am an avid comic reader. I’d like to say I have been my whole life, but as with most things, it’s been more of a cycle. Since graduating high school, I have fallen deep into the hole that is the comics medium – both print and web. Surprising as it may be, I have… Keep Reading

Students Mobilize to Defend DACA

Following the White House announcement to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arivals Program (DACA), a group of Goucher students gathered outside the Athenaeum over the course of several days. They provided information about  ways to defend and support DACA, along with phone numbers and mailing addresses so that students could contact local representatives and… Keep Reading

Goucher Gopher Golfers: Say that 5 Times Fast

Fall 2017 marks the inaugural season of the Gophers’ first ever Men and Women’s golf teams. This is the first time Goucher has had a varsity golf team, marking the beginning of a new era in Goucher athletics. News of an upcoming golf team generated many questions amongst the community, most notably with concerns that… Keep Reading

Hate Graffiti: What can Goucher do about it?

“Hate is alive every single day,” LeBron James said after one of his homes was vandalized with hate graffiti.  “No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know being black in America is tough,” James said. “And we got a long way… Keep Reading

Goucher Pets: Daisy the Shih-poo

When August Shah, ‘19, walks into a room with his puppy Daisy in his arms, she  immediately becomes the center of attention. At Alice’s before our interview, an entire table of folks gets up and showers the excited pup with attention, oo-ing and ah-ing. “This is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen in my life,”… Keep Reading

The CDO’s Weekly Coffee Chats

As we kick off a new academic year, it is yet another opportunity for us to further prepare for our future careers. You’re probably already asking yourself what you can do now, as an undergrad, to facilitate your job hunting process upon graduation. You’ve most likely heard the word “networking” numerous times, but you’re not… Keep Reading

CERT: A Team That’s There to Help

After the recent natural disasters in the news, you might be wondering–what is Goucher doing to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies? And what can I, here at Goucher, do to help? One possible answer is CERT. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is a group of trained volunteers who have the… Keep Reading

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