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The Webcomics Vacuum

The Webcomics Vacuum Webcomics are amazing medium, filled will all sorts of experimentation, talent and a diversity of stories, people, and topics … Keep Reading

Reading Across The Disciplines: Part 2

This issue, I’m sharing three books from Economics and one from Creative Writing (focusing mainly on poetry). The following are books from the Econ department, shared with me by Fiona Rutgers, a current Econ major. If you’re interested in economics but don’t have time for the classes, check out the books below! All the following… Keep Reading

Stanger Things 2: Review

Halloween: the time of spooks and scares, of tricks and treats, of strange otherworldly monsters and telekinetic girls. That’s right my friends; dust off those conspiracy boards and strap in for the second season to last year’s surprise Netflix hit, Stranger Things. I’ll be doing my damnedest to avoid spoilers, but there’s no guarantee. If… Keep Reading

Public Safety Blotter Oct 27th – Nov 3rd, 2017

Fire Safety • Accidental fire alarm in Probst x2, Robinson x2 Injury /Medical Emergency • Three students transported to the hospital for alcohol intoxication • Student transported to the hospital for an injury • Student transported to the hospital for injury/illness & mental health • Three students transported to the hospital for mental health reasons… Keep Reading

Part 2: Another One Bites the Bread

As I stare at the array of exquisite treats plated in front of me, the hunger that forms in the pit of my stomach becomes inevitable. Choosing won’t be easy, as each plate looks more delectable than the last. How can I choose just one? Alas, I know I have to, as buying every option… Keep Reading


There are four miniatures on the butterfly dresser The fairy sized bottle of watermelon flavored vodka is Emptied and washed out Filled with water and a flower picked from the side of the road The fairy sized bottle of watermelon flavored vodka is Right next to the little vial of coconut rum Filled with water… Keep Reading


We used to play in the woods behind our grandparents’ house, sticking our hands out to brush against the mossy trees, finding dead birds, making makeshift shelters — so proud of our accumulations of sticks and leaves. We used to burn lemons in fire pits, laughing as they hissed and spat at us in anger.… Keep Reading

Winter Sports Begin, Communications Head Hired

Winter Sports Goucher’s winter sports teams (men’s and women’s basketball, swimming and indoor track and field) have been practicing for a while now, but their competition seasons are just getting started. Swimming The Women’s swim team won two out of four meets, beating Hood College and Stevenson University, while losing by small margins to Frostburg… Keep Reading

Birth Control in Puerto Rico: The Pill’s Dark History

Although the pill allows American women to feel more in control of their body, many do not realize the dark history behind this method of birth control. In 1956, a researcher from Massachusetts named Gregory Pincus conducted the first experiment in Puerto Rico (specifically Rio Piedras and Humacao) to test the effectiveness of birth control.… Keep Reading

The Indictments: A Briefing

On Monday October 30th, Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia made its first indictments public. Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos were all indicted. These indictments were filed five months into the investigation, which began in May. The process has been  extraordinarily fast for a federal investigation. Manafort, Trump’s former… Keep Reading

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