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The Webcomics Vacuum

The Webcomics Vacuum Webcomics are amazing medium, filled will all sorts of experimentation, talent and a diversity of stories, people, and topics … Keep Reading

Coachella 2018: 5 Artists That You Should Know

The second weekend of the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is here, and people across the world are gearing up for it. If you missed out on the debut weekend performances, check out various social media websites for live streams of artists’ sets. The Coachella lineup consists of talented artists who may be… Keep Reading


The Quindecim is granted access to information about violations of the Goucher College Code of Conduct and Academic Honor code. The information is compiled by Andrew Wu, Goucher’s Associate Dean of Students for Student Development. This report is comprised of incidents that occur during the two weeks leading up to each issue of The Quindecim.  Public… Keep Reading

Goucher Ranks High in Percentage of Students with Mental Health Conditions

    In the 2016-2017 school year, for the first time, Goucher administered a Healthy Minds Study, an annual web-based survey that specifically examines mental health and the use of mental health services on college campuses nationwide. 49% of Goucher survey respondents said that they had a previous diagnosis of a mental disorder, higher than… Keep Reading

The Way to a Convoluted America’s Heart is Through the Stomach

For the older more metropolitan foodie generation of our parents and older cousins, David Chang may be a familiar name because of his restaurants, most notably Momofuku and NoodleBar. For us Millenials/GenZ-ers, David Chang is a bit more well-known because of his appearance in a Buzzfeed Worth It episode. (If you are still unsure, go… Keep Reading

An Acceleration in the Rising Sea Level

On Monday, February 12th, 2018, a new study titled “Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It stated that, according to 25 years of satellite data, the rise of the global sea level is accelerating dramatically. Lead author of the study,… Keep Reading

Problems Within the #MeToo Movement

In 2006, Tarana Burke founded the Me Too movement. The movement aims to create a community and support system for sexual assault survivors. This platform allows for survivors to share their stories in the public eye, accompanied by the hashtag #MeToo, with the purpose of informing the public and empowering survivors. The sharing of these… Keep Reading

Do We Really Want to Live Forever?

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me in the past couple of weeks, I’ve probably tried to get you to watch Altered Carbon—a new cyberpunk noir murder-mystery based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel of the same name that recently came out on Netflix. The show is set in a world where humans have… Keep Reading

Throne of Glass: A Review

Like every Young Adult Fantasy novel these days, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas has it all: a swashbuckling teen heroine who’s lived through more travesties in her eighteen years of existence than most people have in one lifetime; a creepy male antagonist who is hell-bent on world domination; and the quintessential duo of… Keep Reading

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