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The Webcomics Vacuum

The Webcomics Vacuum Webcomics are amazing medium, filled will all sorts of experimentation, talent and a diversity of stories, people, and topics … Keep Reading

Goucher EATS: An Ode to My “Vegan Soul”

Jessica Gude, Features Editor March 5th, 2017 “Wait, I thought you were a vegan.” This is a statement that usually comes as I’m reaching for a piece of chicken or halfway through a forkful of something with bacon. And despite the number of times I’ve heard it, my eyes will widen in disbelief and I’ll… Keep Reading

When the Flowers are Frightening

Sarah Hochberg, Opinion Editor March 5th, 2017 A few days ago, I put on a dress and sandals, and read Harry Potter on the Great Lawn. Fellow gophers were playing Frisbee, catch, and generally enjoying the nice weather. The high temperature was 75 degrees, and the flowers outside my window have started blooming. However, it’s February.… Keep Reading

In Defense of Moderation

Drew Phillips, Staff Writer March 5th, 2017 This past general election highlighted a disregard of rules, laws, and norms from both major party candidates. The greatest violation however, was that of an institutional electoral principle: the moderating effect of the general election. Pundits and politicos speculated, that following the primaries, both candidates would move from… Keep Reading

Trump Teach In: A Lesson on White Liberalism

Michael Layer, Sports Editor March 5th, 2017 Last Monday, February 20th, the Peace Studies department held an interdisciplinary lecture conceptualizing how Donald Trump won the most recent election and a prediction of what the future will look like in his time in office. Speakers included Martin Shuster from Judaic Studies, Lana Oweidat from English, Danny… Keep Reading

A Letter From President Bowen

A few weeks ago our Sports editor, Michael Layer, reached out to several people on Goucher’s campus regarding the controversial photo of some Goucher lacrosse players. (You can read Layer’s article on the incident here). Goucher’s president was among the few that got back to Layer. With President José Bowen’s permission, we wanted to publish… Keep Reading

Goucher’s Response to Men’s Lax Photo

Michael Layer, Sports Editor February 25th, 2017 In the first issue of this semester, the professors in the Center for Geographies of Justice and Cultures published an open letter addressed to President Jose Bowen. The letter urged Goucher College to take further action to address a racially insensitive photograph taken by members of the Goucher men’s… Keep Reading

Goucher Professors Discuss the Evironmental Protection Agency

Madeline St. John, News Editor February 25th, 2017 When the EPA came into existence in 1970, during Nixon’s administration, it was backed by relatively strong bipartisan support for environmental regulation, likely due to politicians recognizing and responding to real, visible environmental problems across the country. “It was an era in which rivers were catching on fire… Keep Reading

Campus Construction Update

Erika DiPasquale, Associate Editor February 25th, 2017 On Friday, February 17th, Linda Barone, the FMS project manager, and the Whiting-Turner Construction Team co-hosted a community update on the campus construction plan. Despite free pizza, attendance was extremely low. This was the first of a series of updates that will occur every other Friday at 3pm in… Keep Reading

Oscar Predictions

Teegan Macleod, Staff Writer February 25th, 2017 This year’s Oscars boasts a great deal of talent.  It has been a few years since I’ve had so many favorites and many have been nominated for multiple awards. However, at the end of the day, someone must take home the award.  These are my picks for 6 of… Keep Reading

Book Review: The Memory Book

Erika DiPasquale, Associate Editor February 25th, 2017 Lara Avery’s The Memory Book is the next The Fault in Our Stars and the Young Adult equivalent of Still Alice. Upon being diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, a genetic degenerative disease that causes severe physical and mental handicaps, memory loss, and ultimately death, Sammie, a high school senior,… Keep Reading

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