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The Mary Gaitskill Reading: Navigating the Twisted


On Tuesday, October 16 at 8 p.m., renowned writer Mary Gaitskill stood on the stage of the Hyman Forum behind a wooden podium and read aloud a portion of her short story, “The Acceptance Journey,” to a crowd of Goucher students and faculty. Taking off her glasses to read, she described the life of Carol, a woman who took a job at a small liberal arts college after separating from her husband.

“The Acceptance Journey,” while referencing some graphic material, was, at least for the portion she read, one of her less disquieting stories, referencing Carol’s interest in torture and violence on the news and crime shows. While Carol’s fascination with these heavily negative subject matters is certainly disturbing, this first section of “The Acceptance Journey” was less dark than many of her other stories. Her 1988 short story collection entitled Bad Behavior included raw descriptions of multiple forms of abuse. The collection is perhaps most well known for its infamous short story “Secretary” (the inspiration for the movie of the same title with Maggie Gyllenhaal). Gaitskill is also known as a National Book award finalist, earned for her novel Veronica in 2005, and received the O’Henry Award for her short story “The Little Boy” in 2008. Gaitskill’s most recent work, Somebody with a Little Hammer, is a collection of essays and reviews, the only book of non-fiction that Gaitskill that has published. She is known both for her command of craft and for her blunt, raw depictions of abuse, trauma, and, more generally, the actions of selfish people.

The reading, while potentially needing a disclaimer regarding sensitive material, effectively highlighted the blunt, direct, and decisive tones of Gaitskill’s prose. Gaitskill varied her voice and tone very little throughout the story, except for when Carol begins writing letters to a little girl who writes to “The Grinch” for Christmas presents. During this part, Gaitskill slightly shifted her tone for thoughts and put on a low-toned, crotchety voice for Carol’s writing as “the grinch” and a higher pitched, dignified voice for Carol’s writing as “the winged assistant,” shifting her posture and stance as she did so to adopt the mannerisms of these characters.

Mary Gaitskill Photo Credit:

The following Q&A, facilitated by Professor Bill U’ren, covered a variety of topics from all around the crowd. Some questions lead to a deeper analysis of the night’s reading. When asked about how she starts to write a story for instance, she described the different things that influenced “The Acceptance Journey” in particular: her time as a visiting professor at a small college, driving past the billboard for “The Acceptance Journey” in Pittsburgh, and the constant terror and traumatic events that pepper the news and TV shows. Other questions focused on Gaitskill’s other writings and her influences as a writer. One question-asker in particular asked Gaitskill about her interest in the figure of Ayn Rand in her novel Two Girls, One Fat One Thin, which led to Gaitskill sharing her dislike for Ayn Rand’s ideology and how strange and varied she has found the writer’s following to be. Addressing her influences, she described her mother’s reading to her as an important part of her becoming a writer and named Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty, whose short stories share a raw dark humor that is found throughout Gaitskill’s, as main influences for her work.

The connection between the author and her work was incredibly visible during this reading, not from a content perspective so much as a voice perspective. Through this reading, one could really develop a sense of Mary Gaitskill’s voice and the ways in which it overlaps with her writing.

“Uplifting, and Existing, and Being”: A Look at Sitting Pretty

LaToya M. Hobbs standing next to “Double Portrait: Marci”. Photo by Skyler Aikerson.

The current exhibit at Goucher College’s Rosenberg Gallery is titled Sitting Pretty and features art by painter, printmaker, and MICA professor LaToya M. Hobbs. The exhibit contains striking woodcut and monotype portraits that, according to Hobbs, aim to “show a more holistic view of what black women are . . . and how we present ourselves.” At Hobbs’ artist reception on September 27, curator Sheena M. Morrison said that these portraits “[convey] a narrative about women inventing their own measures of beauty.”

“Shay IV”. Photo by Skyler Aikerson.

Hobbs captures a beautiful intimacy in the pieces of Sitting Pretty, which is part of a larger collection called Beautiful Uprising. Elements of the personalities of the women in these portraits are shown, such as the playfulness of Crystal (who is featured twice in this exhibit). This is intentional; Hobbs’ subjects are women that she knows personally, which she feels “gives a greater emotional connection through the work.” She also hopes that these varied images show the range of emotions black women experience, as opposed to the strict and stifling view that black women are only ever angry. She stated at her artist reception, “I like to show that we are angry and we get mad . . . but we’re also regal. We’re also sophisticated. We’re also sassy, and that’s fine, and that’s good. We’re the spectrum of all of those things.”

Morrison stated that the inspiration for curating the pieces in this exhibit came after a conversation with Hobbs about her natural hair journey. In Sitting Pretty, Hobbs captures the versatility of black women and their hair beautifully, particularly in both double portraits that are featured in the exhibit. One of these pieces is a double self-portrait, and it displays the complicated relationship many black women have with their hair. This contemplative piece aims to create “an internal and an external dialogue” with the viewer that revolves around preferences and beliefs not only about black women’s hair, but also black women themselves. Hobbs described a comment someone gave on the piece, saying that the woman in the portrait looked angry with the other woman. She said, “I think how you perceive the piece kind of gives some insight into some of your own biases that you may not even know that you have.”

During her artist reception, Hobbs explained the process of making both woodcut and monotype works, which are both printmaking processes. “With the woodcuts,” she says, “I start with a piece of wood as my matrix and carve and then print it. With the monotype . . . you start with a piece of Plexiglas . . . and do your drawing and painting on the Plexiglas, and then you print that.” Hobbs often combines her painting and printmaking processes to create what she calls “hybrid work.” The monotype portrait “Chelsea” is an example of this; Hobbs used collage to create the patterns in the background and for the subject’s clothing and drew and painted parts of this piece. Hobbs also explained that printmaking has its roots in protest. In that sense, this medium complements these portraits well, as they rebel “against standards that [black women are] expected to uphold that we actually can never reach.”

From the mesmerizing “Shay IV” to the otherworldly “Inner Glow,” every piece in Sitting Pretty is beautifully crafted and has a refreshing tenderness inherent to it. Sitting Pretty will be on display in the Rosenberg Gallery through October 25. This exhibit is free and open to the public. More information about Hobbs’ work can be found on her website

A Night at Joe Squared


Joe Squared is a pizza place, bar, and music venue located in Station North. It is a small, intimate space. The walls are yellow and blue and covered with tiny rainbow flags. The lights shining on the stage are purple and golden. Fleetwood Mac plays between sets as patrons sing and laugh with each other. On Sunday, September 16, 2018, it served as the backdrop for four acts from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

The first act was Alice, also known as Borderless State. She is a member of the Baltimore-based ethereal folk metal band Gingerwitch and is currently working on a solo album. Her acoustic set, though short, explored many different sounds and emotions. The quick and tense song “Smooth Mud” was about dealing with crushing anxiety, while the final song of her set was about her mother, who was in the audience. Alice’s voice was expressive and full, soft when it needed to be, and always compelling.

The second act was an indie rock band called Buster. The 4-piece is from Philadelphia, and their show at Joe Squared was their first time playing in Baltimore. They played their latest EP Kupo!, as well as two other songs, one old and one new. The youthful, unreleased tune “Theme Song” had bouncy vocals, and “Growing Old” was a perfect song for the end of summer.

The Zells are an energetic basement punk band from Pittsburgh. They are currently touring (with Buster) in support of their debut album, Failure to Slide, which was released September 7, 2018, on Crafted Sounds. Like Buster, this show also marked their first time playing in Baltimore. The five members took turns singing lead vocals, and even switched instruments, with drummer Tyler playing the guitar, and singing halfway through the show. Though technical difficulties cut the band’s set short, they were good sports and still played a fantastic and fun set.

The Zells. Photo by August Skylar Napolitano.

The last act was Saturday Night, an indie pop band from Washington D.C. Their show at Joe Squared was the last stop on their tour supporting their self-titled album, released August 17, 2018, on Gentle Reminder Records. The band’s sound revolves around bright melodies and prominent baselines. Their set was at the end of the night, but they effortlessly kept the audience dancing and singing along the entire time.

One of the most charming parts of the Saturday Night’s set was the band’s interactions with a fan in the front row, who sang into the microphone during the band’s final song, “Saturday Night.” This interaction is just a testament to the intimacy of Joe Squared. There is little separation between audience and stage, which helps make shows like this so special.

Part of the magic of indie and DIY shows is this lack of distinction between performer and audience, and the comforting humanization of the performers, who were all down to earth, friendly, and approachable. Between sets, Alek from Buster talked about the band’s relationship with The Zells (who they’ve known for some time), and Phil of The Zells talked about life on tour (for example, the difficulties of finding a place to sleep on the road).

At only $5, this show was an amazing way to not only hear great music and discover new favorites but also make wonderful and talented friends, as well. Upcoming events can be found on the Joe Squared Facebook page. Joe Squared is located at 33 W. North Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21201.

No Spectators: Renwick’s Unique Art Experience

Marco Cochrane, Truth is Beauty sculpture. Picture taken by Emily C. Scheppegrell.

Renwick Gallery, a free art museum in Washington, D.C., provides a unique and fascinating look into the infamous Burning Man festival in Nevada. Every year, 70,000 humans fill the empty, sandy desert of Black Rock, Nevada, constructing a temporary city. Art installations, steampunk costumes, and innovative futuristic vehicles fill the desert with radical self-expression as far as the eye can see. Burning Man is a celebration of human innovation, creativity, and genius, a once-in-a-lifetime experience one could only achieve by traveling thousands of miles to Nevada in August – until now.

Renwick Gallery offers a look into this riveting cultural phenomenon for anyone with a few hours in D.C. . Even better, they offer it for free, a great option for college students who can’t afford a pricey museum ticket. The downstairs portion of the gallery takes you through various art creations made and featured in the festival in previous years, from ornate, science fiction aesthetic costumes to massive sculptures and vehicles. A time-lapse features the entire Burning Man experience, from the music and festivities to the grand finale of burning several wooden sculptures in a grand celebration of freedom and renewal. A miniature theater shows silent, black and white movies, while the next room asks museum-goers what they want to do before they die. Various answers include “travel the world,” “have a family,” “go sky-diving,” and my personal favorite, “go full yeet”.

The upstairs area of the museum is a collection of rooms, starting off with the large recreation of a temple from Burning Man. While the other installations demonstrate creativity and celebration, the temple is a more serious place, created to honor grief and remembrance of those we have lost. The quiet atmosphere in the dimly-lit, elaborate temple is broken only by the scratching of pens on wooden tiles; visitors can write on a tile in honor of someone they have lost or an experience they have had, and then place it somewhere in the room. This ties into the theme of “No Spectators”. Visitors to Burning Man aren’t simply visiting, they are participating, and adding to the culture. The same goes for visitors to the Renwick Gallery’s art show.

The next rooms include dynamic, massive glowing mushrooms that rise and fall based on visitor interaction, paper-lantern-esque creations visitors can climb inside, and a psychedelic art screen on the ceiling that visitors watch from a lying position on the floor.

If you’re not one for typical art museums with halls upon halls of landscape and portrait paintings, don’t rule out the Renwick – the gallery is extremely interactive and really does require museum-goers to interact with exhibits instead of merely walk through. The exhibit will remain open until January and is an easy, cheap adventure for Goucher students. Students can utilize the college shuttle to reach the train station for free, and then buy the MARC train ticket to D.C. for only $8. From there, it’s around a twenty-minute walk to the gallery. Have fun, and remember, no spectators, everyone is part of the experience.

Events in Baltimore (April 21st-May 5th)


Port Of Call will be showing at the Charles Theater this month. Check out the list below for more Baltimore events.

Events in Baltimore (April 21st-May 5th)

*​ ​18+
**​ ​21+

April 21

  • Bully, War on Women (record release), Shellshag at Ottobar
  • Tesseract, Plini, Astronoid at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Modern Fuzz, Tild, Apex, Sycamyre, Paid in Full at Sidebar
  • Black Alley Band at Metro Gallery
  • My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, 51 Peg, Machines of Living Death, Screaming in Silence** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Ivy Lab, PAINT, Shield, Chee at The 8×10
  • Rally in the Alley at Tin Roof
  • Platinum Comedy Tour ft. Mike Epps, Earthquake, Deray Davis, Rickey Smiley, Tony Rock
  • The Journalouges at The Motor House
  • A Lor Bit of Soul at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Port of Call” (1948) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theatre

April 22

  • Conjunto Bruja, Kiko Villamizar at The Windup Space
  • Circa Survive, Foxing, Hail the Sun at Rams Head Live!
  • Reginald Ballard aka Bruh-Man, Mickey, Cucchiella, Howard G at Baltimore Soundstage
  • The Skull, Foghound, Lifetime Shitlist at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Dead Man” (1995) dir. Jim Jarmusch at The Senator Theatre
  • “Masters of Long-Form Cinema: Time Regained” opening at The SNF Parkway

April 23

  • Dead Rider, Deakim, Smile Lines at Ottobar
  • Ministry, Chelsea Wolfe  at Rams Head Live!
  • Acid Mothers Temple, The Melting Pariso, U.F.O at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Port of Call” (1948) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Dead Man” (1995) dir. Jim Jarmusch at The Senator Theatre

April 24

  • The Darkness, Diarrhea Planet  at Rams Head Live!
  • Broken Dead, Neckbreather, Shot Tower at The Sidebar
  • Music Adventures with Ellen Troyer at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Revival Series: “Dead Man” (1995) dir. Jim Jarmusch at The Senator Theatre

April 25

  • Durand Jones & The Indications, Aztec Sun, Super City at Ottobar
  • Rico Nasty, Abby Jasmine, Cellis, Phizzals at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Stop Light Observations, Rare Creatures at Metro Gallery
  • Grateful April, Deadgrass at The 8×10
  • Revival Series: “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967) dir. Arthur Penn at The Senator Theatre
  • Anime Night: “Paprika” at The Charles Theatre
  • Structure and Perspective Tour at Maryland Historical Society

April 26

  • Wreckless Eric, Olivia and The Mates, PLRLS at Ottobar
  • A Night of Japanese New Wave and Obscure at The Crown
  • Windup Space Spring Showcase! at The Windup Space
  • Shy Glizzy at Rams Head Live!
  • Nicole Atkins, Indianola at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Knower at Metro Gallery
  • Brit Floyd: Eclipse World Tour at The Lyric
  • Tchaikovsky with Balanchine at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Revival Series: “Port of Call” (1948) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theatre
  • “Le Bonheur” (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 27

  • The Pietasters, Kill Lincoln, The Forwards at Ottobar
  • Blush + Brews 2 Year Anniversary at The Crown
  • Bmore BeatClub 39 at The Windup Space
  • Station North Flea Market at The Windup Space
  • The Afghan Whigs, Built to Spill, Ed Harcourt at Rams Head Live!
  • Todrick Hall American at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Elagabalus, Acid Parenting t The Sidebar
  • Metro/Sexual – Drag Show hosted by Baby! at Metro Gallery
  • Powerman 5000 (New Wave 2018 tour), Lullwater, Scissorfist, G19, Krytid at Fish Head Cantina
  • Better Off Dead, Charm City Bluegrass After-Party! at The 8×10
  • Praise Over Baltimore at The Lyric
  • Alan Jackson, Randy Houser at Royal Farms Arena
  • Off the Cuff: Tchaikovsky with Balanchine at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Anime Night: “Paprika” at The Charles Theatre
  • “Hitler’s Hollywood” opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Blood is at the Doorstep” opening at The SNF Parkway

April 28

  • Lauren Ruth, Ward, Slugs, Sweepstakes at Ottobar
  • Night Gruuvs at The Crown
  • Work It (Missy & Timbaland Party) at The Crown
  • The Stranger (Billy Joel Tribute) at Rams Head Live!
  • What So Not, Michael Christmas, James Earl at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Old Bay Thrashers, Braceface, Melon Farmers, Flabbercasters, Urban Crater at The Sidebar
  • The Great Heights Band: “Rad-pop.” at Metro Gallery
  • Rickshaw Lizard, The Streams, Headless Robot, Experience at Fish Head Cantina
  • Revival Series: “Phanton Lady” (1944) dir. Robert Siodmak

April 29

  • Stacked Like Pancakes, Jonathan Plevyak, Rhett Repko, Mark Mikina at Ottobar
  • 10 years, Stone Horses at Rams Head Live!
  • The Underground Experience at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Mother’s Day Bazaar and Farmers Market at Fish Head Cantina

April 30

  • Horatio Dark: Horror movie screening at The Windup Space
  • Texas Hippie Coalition at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Revival Series: “Phanton Lady” (1944) dir. Robert Siodmak

May 1

  • BT-Da Vision at The Sidebar

May 2

  • Jim Shorts, Bested, Cheshi, Too Soon Jokes at Ottobar
  • Cooliom Edjacated, Phools, Troll Tribe at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Ganser, Lies Kill, Faunas at The Sidebar
  • Tweed, MINKA, Muscle Tough at The 8×10
  • Natural Velvet, Mayflower Madame at The Motor House
  • “Opening Night Shorts” (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

May 3

  • Mondo Baltimore: Trash Flicks and Cult Epics! at The Windup Space
  • 3rd Grade Friends, DredNeks, Thirsty Curses, Pinkwench at The Sidebar
  • Pressing Strings at Metro Gallery
  • Haley Jane & the Primates at The 8×10
  • Jackson Browne at The Lyric
  • OrchKids 10th Anniversary Celebration at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Sean Jones & Friends Jam Session at The Motor House
  • Da Glow Up at The Crown

May 4

  • Touche Amore, Culture Abuse, Razorbumps at Ottobar
  • Galactic Empire, Cowabunga Pizza Time at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Tattoo Art Show! at The Sidebar
  • Caleb Stine & The Brakemen, Skribe, The Perennials at Metro Gallery
  • Jokers Wild, Adam Crouse Project + more! at Fish Head Cantina
  • You Already Know, Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats, Violet Jupiter at The 8×10
  • Iyanla Vanzant at The Lyric
  • To Berstein with Love at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • John Waters presents: “I, Olga Hepnarova” at The SNF Parkway

May 5

  • Hope Along, Saintseneca at Ottobar
  • Berndsen, Raindeer, Darsombra, Stronger Sex at The Windup Space
  • The Little Merman at Rams Head Live!
  • Lightshow, Peso da Mafia at Baltimore Soundstage
  • FRIENDS FEST! at The Sidebar
  • Mc chris, Bitforce at Metro Gallery
  • Bleeding Black, Truth N Tempest, Bad Habit, Atomic Motel, Crow Hunter at Fish Head Cantina
  • Steal Your Peach, Cousin Earth at The 8×10
  • Mini Masquerade Ball at The Lyric
  • Lovett or Leave It at The Lyric
  • Pawject Runway at Royal Farms Arena
  • NPR’s Scott Simon at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Thrive release party! w/ Amy Reid, Scroll Downers + more! at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Strangers on a Train” (1951) dir. Alfred Hitchcock at The Charles Theatre


Restore the Night: Events

Restore the Night. Photo Credit: Sarojini Schutt (’18) and Maggie Ratrie (’18)


Friday: To begin the campaign, a resource fair was held on Friday, which included off-campus organizations with resources for survivors, allies, and information on how to get involved. Friday night’s event was similar to the original Take Back the Night. This event was for survivors and their support systems, and provided a safe space for survivors to speak and share their stories. When entering the event, a question was proposed that people could contribute to, and there was a conversation about Goucher’s Sexual Conduct Survey. A speaker from Know Your IX, a D.C. organization, came to the event to talk about Title IX as well as survivor and activism work.

Saturday: A talkback about the zine, “Hear My Voice”, organized by Jamison Curcio (’19) and Elaine Millas (’20), was held. The talkback discussed how the zine went and the reactions is received on campus.

Sunday: A brunch was held for survivors, and afterwards there was a self care through movement workshop for the survivors, led by Jamison Curcio. This workshop explored movement as a form of healing.

Tuesday: Lydell Hills (’18) held a masculinity workshop, for male identifying people. This workshop aimed to break down the masks of masculinity that people live in, and discussed what to do to combat the status quo. This workshop targeted unhealthy vs. healthy masculinity and encouraged male identifying people to spread and normalize this concept.

Tuesday night, was the event Sex in the Dark: Clap Back at the Clap. This event aimed to spread awareness and knowledge about STI’s, with a goal of de-stigmatizing STI’s.

Wednesday: A Rape Culture 101 event was held and led by Summer Torres, the assistant director of the CREI. The same day, a Healthy Relationship Culture conversation was held, where Goucher’s hook-up culture was discussed. This event created a space for students to voice opinions and vent about the hookup culture at Goucher and why it is the way it is. This event also provided a space for people that don’t call themselves survivors or victims to talk about what they are going through. Later, an LGBTQIA survivor comfort space was provided.

Thursday: On the final day of the campaign, an activism teach in, led by speakers from Know Your IX, was held. This teach in provided ways to be an activist with all this information, and spoke about the different levels of activism. Restore the Night ended with a community open mic, which gave a space for people to share poetry, or any form of artistic expression, regarding what they are going through.

Club Chat: Veritas – Philosophy Club


This week, I got the chance to talk to Veritas – Goucher’s philosophy club. I spoke with Dustin Taylor (‘18) President of Veritas and Antonia Pettit (‘20) Treasurer of the organization.

What are the goals of your organization?
DT: We have two goals. The primary one is that each year we organize and host an undergraduate philosophy conference. We rent out a space, and take philosophy paper submissions from undergraduate students on campus and other schools. There are eight papers presented and people get to ask questions. Students and professors from other schools participate. Then we usually have a keynote speaker at the very end – usually an established professor from another school- who lectures on a topic of their choosing. The conference is the type of experience that will help you if you want to go into academia later on.
Our second goal is to give undergraduate students a more relaxed place to talk about philosophy. We share readings and articles and we get the chance to riff off of each other.

AP: And it’s not just for Philosophy majors. The department here is excellent, but it is a smaller program, so having students from other departments engage with us is really important, especially through the conference.

DT: There’s a lot of things professors might touch on in class, and we decide to talk about it some more. For instance, our professor Margret Grebowicz did an interview with Playboy a few years ago where she talked about the philosophy of kink and BDSM. We were able to have a conversation about that in a place with less pressure to “be right” or impress.

AP: We’ve definitely set up a culture where you can have a philosophical conversation without having a professor judging what you are doing, or having the pressure of writing a paper about it or something like that. It’s all about being able to have those open, free flowing conversations.

How long has the club been going on?
DT: I don’t know about the club, but this will be our 15th conference, so at least 15 years.

What have you done in past conferences?
DT: There’s not an overarching theme in each conference, since we get so many different papers. Our keynote speaker will often end up imposing a theme, which is often about politics; whatever the mainstream political discourse is.
[This year] is Daniel Smith from Perdue. He specializes in cybernetic theory and Gilles Deleuze, who is a French postmodern philosopher.

Is the conference open to the public?
DT: Anyone that wants to come can come. You don’t need to RSVP. All day, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner – free of charge.

AP: It’s in Buchner. April 7th, on a Saturday.

Why should people choose to spend time with your club?
AP: Because Veritas is so infrequent, it’s not the biggest time commitment. And the conference is only one day, so if you can make that commitment, you can get a lot out of the club.

DT: I think that every department or form of intellectualism is a type of applied philosophy. I think it offers people a chance to think about things on a level that they might not always get to.

Any plans for the future?
DT: Our philosophy of Science fiction class last year would throw movie nights where we would meet as a class and talk about the movie. That’s something I plan to do at least once this semester with Veritas. Invite the club, department, anybody who wants to come.

AP: With me going forward with the club, I definitely want to create more of a structure, and figure out an exact plan of when meetings can happen throughout the semester. It’s hard to do, everyone’s busy and philosophy isn’t the first thing on a lot of people’s minds, but it’s still something that could be valuable to a lot of people.

And that’s that for this installment of club chat! Interested in having your organization featured in the next issue of the Q? Email me at for your chance to be in the next edition!

Featured image: Goucher’s Philosophy Club, Veritas, will host their 15th annual conference Photo Credit: Goucher College

Events in Baltimore: April 2nd – April 21st


Events in Baltimore


*​ ​18+
**​ ​21+

April 2

  • Japanese Breakfast, Emily Reo at Ottobar
  • Krosis, Silent on Fifth Street, Terraform, The Seamstress, Feed Me Fear, The Ominous They at Sidebar
  • Nobunny, Homosuperior, Mallwalker at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Trouble No More” (2017) dir. Jennifer LeBeau at The Charles Theatre

April 3

  • Rusty Blue, Old Eastern, The Vibesmen at Sidebar
  • Let My Pizza Go at Joe Squared
  • Grateful April, Catullus, Naked Jungle at The 8×10
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • “Speak Up” (2016) dir. Stephane de Freitas, Ladj Ly (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 4

  • Sirenia, Threat Signal, Valinor Excelsior, Niviane, Marzy Maddox** at Ottobar
  • avoid., Clairvoyant, Hostile Array, Summer Homes, Human Travesty at Sidebar
  • Grateful April, Stewbone, A Benefit for Dean at The 8×10
  • Andrew Robear at Tin Roof
  • Spirited Away screening at The Crown
  • $1 Roller Skating at Hot Skates
  • Bread and Puppet Presents: The Basic Bye Bye Show! At 2240 Space
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre
  • “Silent Italian Cinema in Baltimore” (1917) (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 5

  • Katie von Schleicher, Liz Yayda, Wishing Rock** at Ottobar
  • Dirkschneider, Elm Street, A Sound of Thunder, Cyber Strike at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Withered, Wake, Embalming Process, Rukut, Drugs Of Faith at Sidebar
  • BWC Presents: Gin and Jokes at Joe Squared
  • 90’s Night with live music by As If at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • My So Called Trivia and Comedy at The Crown
  • Hey You, Come Back! April Reading at The Crown
  • Ruune, Little Gunpowder at The Ballroom Gallery
  • Sweaty Eyeballs presents: “The Breadwinner” (2017) dir. Nora Twomney (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “Trouble No More” (2017) dir. Jennifer LeBeau at The Charles Theatre

April 6

  • Pretty in Pink 80’s Prom Party!* at Ottobar
  • Cradle of Filth, Jinjer, Uncured at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Billy Winn, Logicoma, Woven In, L. Valerie at Sidebar
  • Talegunner** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Magic Beans, Slow Lights at The 8×10
  • Nate McCormick at Tin Roof
  • Skies in Chaos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Broken Social Scene, Belle Game at Rams Head Live!
  • Bleachers, Foreign Air at Power Plant Live!
  • World Sound Series: Anbessa Orchestra at The Motor House
  • Jawn Parker Lewish Art Show at The Crown
  • “Claire’s Camera” (2017) dir. Hong Sangsoo opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Great Silence” (1968) dir. Sergio Corbucci opening at The SNF Parkway

April 7

  • Current Joys, Romantic States, Reagan Cats at Ottobar
  • lil bill, El Plaga, Al Rogers, Jr., Grotto Gang with DJs James P and S at Sidebar
  • Jack Russell’s Great White, Korupt, Ace Holiday, Scarlet Angel** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Higher Education, Stratus Fear, The Vibesmen, The Harbor Boys at The 8×10
  • Skies in Chaos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Amplify: Work by Matthew Moore and Gideon Bok at Exeter Gallery
  • Natural Velvet, Toxic Moxie, Ratboiler, Pinkwench at The Crown
  • Your Dream Coat, June Pastel, Mothpuppy, Salt Circles at EMP Collective
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 8

  • 3teeth/H099O9: Lights Out America, Street Sects, Eu1ogy at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Judah Friedlander at Joe Squared
  • Mike Manos at Tin Roof
  • Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes at Royal Farms Arena
  • Lil Skies, Landon Cube, YBS Skola at Rams Head Live!
  • The Collection, Super City, Josephy Mulhollen (solo) at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre

April 9

  • Social Club Misfits, Riley, Clemmons at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Pinkish Black, Dark Water Transit, Blacksage at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre
  • “Tainted Blood” dir. Jill Yesko (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 10

  • Maxo Kream, Cuz Lightyear, Nature Boi, Dre Thompson at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Signs of Spring at Metro Gallery
  • Colorful Sounds: Concord Jazz Project ft. Khalid Thompson at The Motor House
  • An Evening with Lou Barlow at Baby’s on Fire!
  • Revival Series: “All the President’s Men” (1976) dir. Alan J. Pakula at The Senator Theatre

April 11

  • Vampire Beat, Duchess And The Deadbirds, Tenwatch at Sidebar
  • Negative Gemini & George Clanton, Amy Reid, Giddeon Gallows at Metro Gallery
  • Grateful April, Jerry Tripsters at The 8×10
  • Trevor Davis at Tin Roof
  • The Holy Mountain screening at The Crown
  • GRID, the WHRD, Heraldry at EMP Collective
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Mean Streets” (1973) dir. Martin Scorsese at The Charles Theatre

April 12

  • Third Grade Friends, Teenage Mortgage, Holy Fingers, The Fun Boys at Ottobar
  • Prisoner at Sidebar
  • Bit Brigade, Rare Candy, Double Ferrari, Garbage Masher at Metro Gallery
  • 90’s Night with live music by As If at Tin Roof
  • Fortunate Youth, Ballyhoo!, Tatanka at Rams Head Live!
  • Disney Junior Dance Party Live! at The Lyric
  • Surf Harp, Pet, Bilge Rat, Scroll Downers at The Crown
  • Bob’s Burgers and Beats at The Crown
  • “New World” (2013) dir. Hoon-jung Park (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 13

  • Emo Nite Baltimore* at Ottobar
  • Rico Nasty, Abby Jasmine, Cellis, Phizzals at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Infinite Pizza, BRAT, Manners Manners, Midnight In Rome at Sidebar
  • Queens of Noise: The Runaways Tribute, Amazing Bill, Taller Tales,  The GoAround, The Stereophonic Heartbreak* at Metro Gallery
  • YoNoSay, Bloomer, The Ok-Ok’s, SunNotYellow at Joe Squared
  • Madhouse (Ozzy Tribute), Uncalled4, One Day Waiting, Jamnation, Munk** at Fish Head Cantina
  • #NoGenreShow ft. Mundy, Marc Evans, Blackroot Underground
  • Andrew Robear at Tin Roof
  • Sons of the Radio at Tin Roof
  • Wolf Alice, The Big Pink at Rams Head Live!
  • Pique Collective presents: Attach Mode at The Motor House
  • Snakes (record release), Quitter, Pearl, Strawberry Sleepover at EMP Collective
  • “Leaning Into The Wind” (2017) dir. Thomas Reidelsheimer opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Where is Kyra” (2017) dir. Andrew Dosunmu opening at The SNF Parkway

April 14

  • The Coffin Daggers, Quattracenta, The Bali Llamas, The Phantom Killers at Ottobar
  • The Werks & Litz, Deaf Scene at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Local3, Sleepers, Edorra, Treazon, Oncedrowned at Sidebar
  • Hide, Blacksage, Drone Theory, Necere, DJ Blasphemous Rumors at Metro Gallery
  • NYC Comedy Invades Baltimore at Joe Squared
  • Sadistic Vision, Final Flesh, Crimson Orchid, Black Rose, Bridges Will Burn** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Depth Perception Presents: Alignment Tour ft. Deerskin, Aliens at Work, Zero Gravity, Cntrlla, Morphics at The 8×10
  • Boom Boom Jones at Tin Roof
  • Shogun Fights XVIII at Royal Farms Arena
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 15

  • School of Rock – Baltimore at Ottobar
  • Spring Kick-Off at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Footwerk, Jackie Venson at Metro Gallery
  • Josh Lewis of Joint Operation at Tin Roof
  • Wild Kratts LIVE! at The Lyric
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • “Stage Russia: Uncle Vanya” opening at The SNF Parkway

April 16

  • Grateful April, Jordan August and Friends at The 8×10
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • “Blade” and “Blade II” double feature (1998, 2002) dir. Stephen Norrington, Guillermo del Toro (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 17

  • Dumbfounded – The Yikes! Year of the Ox, Nafla, Isaac Flame, DJ Zo, Jahn Rome at Baltimore Soundstage
  • This Curse. at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “The African Queen” (1951) dir. John Huston at The Senator Theatre
  • Sight Unseen presents: “Note to Self: Films of Nazli Dincel” dir. Nazli Dincel (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

April 18

  • Punchline, The Stolen, Fives at Ottobar
  • Eric B. & Rakim – The Technique Tour, Yo-yo at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Forever Finessin Movement presents: Tha Rumble in the DMV at Sidebar
  • Weaves, Stef Chura, Wishing Rock at Metro Gallery
  • Chris Diller at Tin Roof
  • Soulfly & Nile, Bridge to Divide, Seventh Seal, Fire in Elysum at Rams Head Live!
  • Superman 3 screening at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “Dead Man” (1995) dir. Jim Jarmusch at The Senator Theatre

April 19

  • Juice Bruns, Jett Bailey, Solesky, Famos Amos, Faraji Jacobs at Ottobar
  • Rhiannon Gidden at Baltimore Soundstage
  • The Dirty Grass Players, Dirty Blanket, Friend Pickin’ at The 8×10
  • Artist Talks w/ Ernest & Gail Kromah at The Motor House
  • Sentient Planet 6 at The Crown
  • Revival Series: “L’Argent” (1983) dir. Robert Bresson at The Charles Theatre

April 20

  • Kevin Morby, Hand Habits, more TBA! At Ottobar
  • Buckethead at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Syringe (EP Release Show) at Sidebar
  • Stoned to Death 420 Metal and Magic, The Flying Eyes (final Baltimore show!) Haze Mage, Heavy Temple, Lazlo Lee and The Motherless Children, Tombtoker* at Metro Gallery
  • So Lonely (Police Tribute)** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Psycho Killers at The 8×10
  • Joey Harkum at Tin Roof
  • Badfish – A Tribute to Sublime, Bumpin Uglies, Edjacated Phools at Rams Head Live!
  • The Matt Davis Comedy Hypnosis Show at The Motor House
  • Up in Smoke: JoshStokes, MedicineMan, DavonneD’Neil, Theabbitt at The Crown
  • “Love After Love” (2018) dir. Russel Harbaugh opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Endless” (2018) dir. Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Vampire Clay” (2017) dir. Soichi Umezawa opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Devil and Father Amorth” and “The Exorcist” (2017, 1973) opening at The SNF Parkway

April 21

  • Bully, War on Women (record release), Shellshag at Ottobar
  • Tesseract, Plini, Astronoid at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Modern Fuzz, Tild, Apex, Sycamyre, Paid in Full at Sidebar
  • Black Alley Band at Metro Gallery
  • My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, 51 Peg, Machines of Living Death, Screaming in Silence** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Ivy Lab, PAINT, Shield, Chee at The 8×10
  • Rally in the Alley at Tin Roof
  • Platinum Comedy Tour ft. Mike Epps, Earthquake, Deray Davis, Rickey Smiley, Tony Rock
  • The Journalouges at The Motor House
  • A Lor Bit of Soul at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Port of Call” (1948) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theatre

Events in Baltimore (March 17th – March 30th)


Events in Baltimore (March 17th – March 30th)


*​ ​18+
**​ ​21+

March 17

  • Santa Librada album release party w/ Gateway to Hell and Holy Fingers at The Windup Space
  • Kurt Deemer Band, Cancled Stamps, Divining Rod, The Jennifers at Ottobar
  • “Don’t Kiss Me. I’m Not Irish” Dance Party** at Ottobar
  • The Mantras, Squaring The Circle* at Metro Gallery
  • “FOOD NOT BOMBS” Benefit at Sidebar
  • Herd of Main Street, Run Come See, Echo Bloom at Joe Squared
  • The Legwarmers: Ultimate 80’s St. Patrick’s Day at Rams Head Live!
  • Torrey Smith Family Fund Charity Basketball Game at Royal Farms Arena
  • Schubert The Great at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Gallery Show: Ernest Kromah “Legacy of an Icon” (ongoing) at The Motor House
  • Zip Into the Yellow Light ft. Abdu Ali at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • Sugar ‘n’ Spice at The Crown
  • Skin Tight Soul Party at The Crown
  • “Family Life” (2017) dir. Cristian Jimenez & Alicia Scherson (3 shows only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 18

  • Drinking and Dragons** at The Windup Space
  • Little Tybee The Reign of Kindo, Del Florida at Ottobar
  • The Sweet Spot Baltimore: Mardi Gras Edition* at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras Concert at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Romeo and Juliet at The Lyric
  • Coffee Fest at Baltimore Convention Center
  • “Stage Russia: Chekhov’s Three Sisters at The SNF Parkway
  • Bobbi Rush, Josh Stokes, Lambda Celsius & Internet Boyfriend at The Crown

March 19

  • The Noise Presents: Iced Earth – The Incorruptable World Tour and more! at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Comedy Night! at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • “Sight Unseen and Secret Psychic Cinema co-present Spatial, Celestial, Cerebral: Short Films by Woman Filmmakers (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 20

  • Baltimore Boom Bap Society at The Windup Space
  • Brown Angel, Hangers, Tombtoker, Wayward at Sidebar
  • The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America during the 1960’s at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • “Everyman at the Parkway: Big Night (1996) dir. Stanley Tucci & Campbell Scott (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 21

  • Snail Mail, Shame, Romantic States, more TBA at Ottobar
  • Soft Kill, Choir Boy, Blacksage, Carl Gene* at Metro Gallery
  • Red Sun Rising, Imbued, Old Eastern at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Ether, Deep Rest, Dead Empires, Pickwick Commons at Sidebar
  • Miguel at The Lyric
  • The Art of Comedy Open Mic at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • “Stage Russia: Chekhov’s Three Sisters at The SNF Parkway
  • TWEN (TN), Den-mate, Hexgirlfriends, Albert Bagman at The Crown
  • Co-op Happy Hour with BRED at Baltimore Bicycle Works
  • Michael Loadenthal presents The Politics of Attack at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • “Maineland” (2017) dir. Miao Wang at The SNF Parkway

March 22

  • Bugg, Wildhoney, Post Pink + Ultra Beauty at The Windup Space
  • Steely Dan vs Fleetwood Mac Vinyl DJ Night** at Ottobar
  • Forever Came Calling, In Her Own Words, Hold Close, Something More, Chris Swartz* at Metro Gallery
  • Elohim at Baltimore Soundstage
  • MUNK, Evergroove, Xactil Xperience at Sidebar
  • BSO Pulse: Valerie June at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • Turntabliss Thursday’s w/ DJ Pope at The Motor House
  • Film Screening: Release at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “The Big Heat” (1953) dir. Fritz Lang at The Charles Theater
  • Everything Will Be Okay (A stand-up comedy show) at The Crown
  • “The Times of Harvey Milk” (1984) dir. Robert Epstein at The SNF Parkway

March 23

  • Shannon and the Clams, LIP at The Windup Space
  • Lightning Bolt, Glockabelle, James Twig Harper, Book of Morrin at Ottobar
  • Movements, Can’t Swim, Super Whatevr, Gleemer at Metro Gallery
  • Our Last Night – Selective Hearing North America tour 2018 w/ I The Might, Don Bronco, Jule Vera at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Hungover, One Life To Lead, Matt Talley at Sidebar
  • Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible Tour at Royal Farms Arena
  • The High & Wides (early show!) at Joe Squared
  • Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Center
  • “12 Days” (2017) dir. Raymond Depardon opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “A Ciambra” (2017) dir. Janas Carpignano opening at The SNF Parkway

March 24

  • Icon for Hire, Makeout, Courage My Love at Ottobar
  • “Feed The Tree” 90’s Alternative Party w. DJ Matthew Rubbish** at Ottobar
  • Breakforth & Think Again, Indianhead, Palm Trees in Moscow, The Revived* at Metro Gallery
  • Barely Alive & Virtual Riot, Anoxex, Cybin Quest, Don DC, Campbell at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Dark Waters End, Genevieve, Pathogenic, Emerge A Tyrant, Constituents at Sidebar
  • DysDopia: Comedu Music End of the World Party at Joe Squared
  • Area 301, Milton J and The Leftovers, Old Eastern, The Control** at Fish Head Cantina
  • Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible Tour at Royal Farms Arena
  • Classical Revolution presents Lost & Found at The Motor House
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • “Belly and Set It Off” (1998/1996) double feature (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 25

  • Expert of Nothing at The Windup Space
  • Ottobar Equinox Spring Flea Market at Ottobar
  • ATM, George’s Bush, Joe Biden, Mallwalker at Ottobar
  • Gost, computer Magic, Ca8al* at Metro Gallery
  • Timeflies, Bryce Vine, Baby Raptors at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre

March 26

  • Horatio Dark at The Windup Space
  • Generations Tour: Mega Ran, Non Like Joshua, and more! at Ottobar
  • Comedy Night! at Sidebar
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • “Gummo” (1997) dir. Harmony Korine (one night only!) at The SNF Parkway

March 27

  • Norma Jean, Gideon, Toothgrinder, Greyhaven, Birthright
  • Cloak, Mother Moon* at Metro Gallery
  • Revival Series: “Festival!” (1967) dir. Murray Lerner at The Senator Theatre
  • Filthy (TX), Nightmare Difficulty & Sword Prom at Holy Frijoles

March 28

  • The Screams, Morning Dew, Dedyuth, Triple Backflip, Committee at Ottobar
  • Watain, Destroyer 666, Tomb at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Sidebar Flea Market! at Sidebar
  • Drake Bell, Tyron, Joe Kirk, Cecilia Grance, Brian Hardy at Fish Head Cantina
  • Revival Series: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) dir. Tim Burton at The Senator Theatre
  • Royal Brat (MN), No Hair, Eggman at True Vine Record Shop
  • Resounding Silence at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse
  • Patsy’s Rats, Outer Spaces, Glue Traps at Asian Taste

March 29

  • Billy Lyve & Ill Luck, Jaymoney Hackett, Ignorant Idols at Ottobar
  • Daddy Issues, PLRLS, James & The Giant Peach* at Metro Gallery
  • The Contortionist, Silent Planet, Skyharbor, Strawberry Girls at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Flower at Sidebar
  • Control Top, Empath, Vo//id, Wipeout at Joe Squared
  • Revival Series: “Crisis” (1946) dir. Ingmar Bergman at The Charles Theater
  • MLK, Jr. and the Memphis Strike at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse

March 30

  • DA KID EMM, Teemonee, and more!*
  • Joh Works, Death by Bong, Dj Selah* at Metro Gallery
  • Australia’s Thunder From Down Under* at Baltimore Soundstage
  • Apex tha Genius, Elaye, Lil Millzz, Yung Easy, Silent Tough Guys, Dre Thompson at Sidebar
  • The Fun Boys, Phase Arcade, Phantasm, Lushfarm at Joe Squared
  • Eve to Adam, Blacklight District, VEER, Calisus, Demyze at Fish Head Cantina
  • Saved by the 90’s with the Bayside Tigers at Rams Head Live!
  • Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band at Royal Farms Arena
  • Women’s History Month Performance Celebration at The Motor House
  • “Flower” (2017) dir. Max Winkler opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “Outside In” (2017) dir. Lynn Shelton opening at The SNF Parkway
  • “The Chine Hustle” (2017) dir. Jed Rothstein opening at The SNF Parkway

Featured Image: Baltimore’s Snail Mail. Photo Credit: BrooklynVegan


Poetry as Community


It is not so frequent an event that speakers are introduced as having created oceans. Oceans with “clear and clean water,” into which one can be submersed, “with no part left dry.”
On Thursday, February 15th, poets Airea D. Matthews and Ladan Osman visited Goucher for an evening of dinner, conversation, and, most importantly, poetry. They were the first in a series of poets whose visits will be sponsored by the Kratz Center for Creative Writing at Goucher College.
Typically, the Kratz Center sponsors one visiting writer event in the fall semester. For example, last semester Elizabeth Strout made a visit, and in previous years, other big names like Sherman Alexie, Seamus Heaney, and W.S. Merwin have come to Goucher. Then, in the spring semester, the Kratz Center sponsors a visiting writer to teach a course. This semester H.G. Carrillo is leading a fiction writing workshop. Goucher alumni Edgar Kunz is also visiting and teaching creative writing. In addition to these annually-run programs, however, the Kratz Center is also sponsoring something new this year—an “experiment,” in the words of Bill U’Ren, current Kratz Director and Goucher creative writing professor.
The Poetry Series is the experiment. Although U’Ren is the acting Kratz Director, the go-ahead for this experiment was given by last year’s co-directors Madison Smartt Bell and Elizabeth Spires. Meant to work in conjunction with this semester’s theme of “community,” the series involves creating several smaller events with visiting writers, rather than try to acquire big-ticket names. The series is also an attempt to organize a variety of readings which may not be the most traditional. For example, Matthews and Osman both employed mixed media presentations, using images along with their work. Future visiting poets include The Black Ladies Brunch Collective, a group of poets who work collaboratively.
Goucher poetry and peace studies professor Ailish Hopper was the curator of the series (and the author of the lovely introduction at the Thursday night event). As the curator, Hopper reached out to poets in the broader Baltimore community and asked for their help in creating the events. To create a pair for a joint reading, she would first contact one poet, and then ask whom that poet would like to read with, be it “a friend, or mentor or poetry-crush,” as Hopper put it. The poets were then asked what the phrase “poetry as community” meant to them. The focus, or subtitles, for each event, came from their answers to this question. Aptly, Hopper used a metaphor to describe her involvement as curator in this process: “I was like a sail on a sailboat, and all these winds came along to push the sail,” said Hopper, miming the movement of blowing winds to represent the various people who made the series possible.
At the event on Thursday, throughout the evening Matthews and Osman showed their friendship and respect for each other, each sharing stories about the other. At the end of the night, Hopper thanked both for their time, their poetry, and, ultimately, for their togetherness. Matthews and Osman laughed and looked at each other. “We really love each other,” said Matthews.

The Poetry Series has already been building connections between members of the poetry community. Of the 40-50 people at Thursday night event, there were a number of local poets, who teach in colleges, high schools, and afterschool programs. One outcome of this community-building is co-publicity and the creation of a master list of all the poetry events happening this spring. If you’re interested in attending poetry events on or off campus, check out the list below!
The final visiting poet of the semester, Rudy Francisco, who specializes in spoken word poetry, will lead a master class at Goucher in the morning but will perform in the evening at the DewMore Baltimore Poetry Festival. Hopper hopes that Goucher students connect with Francisco and make an effort to travel into the city for the festival.
Upcoming events at Goucher feature Poets Jenny Johnson and francine harris on March 29th, 7-9 in Batza Room and The Black Ladies Brunch Collective on Thursday, April 12th, 7-9, also in Batza.

On a final note, the Q is hoping to publish poems and spark poetry-centered conversation this semester in connection with the idea of poetry as community and poets as truth-tellers.
Go to an event and compose a response. Or be inspired in any other way. Write a poem… passionate, reflective, heart-breaking, fast, slow, rhyming, free verse…whatever your style is and wherever your heart is, just write.
Then send it into the world.

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